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  • bolivarsam bolivarsam Oct 21, 2013 9:21 AM Flag

    What Do You Call 34 Years of Nothing, if not a SCAM?


    A 34 year diversion?
    A 34 year walk in the park?

    This topic is deleted.
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    • yo' mama on welfare.

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    • How much money have you lost on INO?

    • This liar should be reported for stock manipulation. Hopefully the SEC is investigating the bashers on this MB. Also it's time for Yahoo to start their own policing of this MB since bashers do not belong here period. This MB belongs to everyone that are long or interested in INO. The only purpose of a basher is stock manipulation and yahoo should do their job and start policing this MB. I would think yahoo would have a zero tolerance policy for stock manipulation.

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    • 1. Inovio's Synthetic Consensus (SynCon) vaccines have the potential to disrupt the vaccine industry - e.g. broadened immunological impact, speedier design, cheaper production costs, more stable and easier to transport than alternatives, superior safety profiles, higher efficacy profiles, leverages the power of the human immune system, etc. Inovio's electroporation provides a superior method of delivering and invoking a targeted human immune system response.
      2. The safety and efficacy studies of DNA vaccines have now matured to the point that there is a clear implication that DNA-based vaccines are likely to play an increasingly important role in preventative and therapeutic solutions in the near future.
      3. Inovio Pharmaceuticals Inc. is positioned to lead the 21st century vaccine industry based on its increasingly broad & maturing pipeline, formidable IP patent estate, significant non-dilutive funding of its research through government (GO) and non-government organizations (NGO), eminent management and advisory teams with years of vaccines & immunology experience.


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