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  • markbuti markbuti Nov 14, 2013 8:25 PM Flag

    Would the technical analysts mind weighing in?

    Look at the trading pattern over the past five days...

    What's interesting is to assess the volume on the initial sell-off on Monday p.m. extending into Tues a.m. I'm doing some very rough analysis here,...but it looks like it only took about 1.5 M of sell volume to drive the price from 1.93 down to 1.75 (ignoring the volume for the upticks)....

    There was a dump late in the day Tues., with a bottom of 1.72. The volume from Monday through today at 2:30 p.m. EST was mild to moderate.... and as suggested by another poster... look what happened at 2:30 p.m. EST....... Compare the *volume* within the last **1.5 hrs of trading today** versus the **whole** week... today was an EXPLOSION!!

    In describing the situation the shorts are in,... I shared the picture anecdote of yelling fire in a crowded theater.... and that's exactly what I believe happened... only guess what???? The majority of the shorts are still in the theater!!

    Some of you longs are thinking... I just want it to get to $2.25 so I can get the heck out of dodge....

    You can bet on at least two things tomorrow.... there will be a concerted effort by the shorts to "paint the tape"...... But,.. if there is a net buying demand... and my second point ***the stock price has no where to go upwards..... ***

    How would have you felt had you sold your position yesterday and missed out on a 7.5% run-up?? If there is further buying pressure applied to Inovio's stock tomorrow,... you will see an even greater spike tomorrow because now the broader "hive" of day traders will get the scent of blood... and all the hysteria we experienced a couple of months ago will suddenly become alive again.... and this time.... there's not going to be a fire escape for the shorts....... Shorts RIP!


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    • I draw channels and we've been in a consistently declining channel since the announcement of the Roche partnership. The price action has been totally contained within the two lines of the downward channel without fail, until this week's price action where we broke above the top line and closed above it. This together with the other confirming technical indicators signals the next leg of our bullish run. Shorts can expect what they want but I smell burning toast!

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    • yuuuuuuuuuuuuuup

    • Macd has just started to turn positive today. 50 day avg will be resistance. Once it gets through that, should move to the mid 2's before stalling. Next year I see this getting over 4 within the first month or two and peak at 7-8 by Summer.

    • If we hold the 50 day, that will be a starting point. Prior, we broke all support on the downtrend. RSI improved and any catalyst can push us through resistance

    • Yeah, comparatively, it was huge bullish volume to the upside and within a very,very short time frame. I remember checking the trading action and looking to see how pathetic the volume was around 1:30, I think it was ~200-300,000 shares! and trading within a narrow range (1.84)! so apparently the "movie" around 2:30 was a sleeper for all, ESPECIALLY the shorts, when the alarms finally went off because it took only an hour for us to find this new supra $2 range. If you were short and went for popcorn ....oh refunds

    • By the way, I am not a technical analyst.

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    • How can any "true" long sell anytime soon? I don't care if the PPS went over $4 tomorrow, I won't sell. I'm in this for bigger and better things to come.

      Although, I cannot blame anyone for taking a profit.

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    • By day from Short analytics for this week - short interest today was up to 53%. I wish they had this data by 1/2 hour increment I am certain it would have been 80% from 2:30 EST on....

      Date Symbol Company Short Long %

      2013-11-14 INO Inovio Pharmaceuticals 1606343 1432592 3038935 53 %
      2013-11-13 INO Inovio Pharmaceuticals 495506 968944 1464450 34 %
      2013-11-12 INO Inovio Pharmaceuticals 984140 1331094 2315234 43%
      2013-11-11 INO Inovio Pharmaceuticals 495916 1012616 1508532 33 %

      The day will come when shorts trying to cover will not come easy.... I can hardly wait......

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    • Nice post as usual mark! This stock has a mind of it's own! Where are all the doom and gloomers? Where is Sal the puppy? Anyone who relies on the charts and only the charts should not invest in small bio stocks IMHO. I have invested for the fundamentals! This company will grow from the acorn of last year to the mighty Oak Tree of the future. The science is beyond good! The management, excellent! The results, BEST IN CLASS! Cash? We have loads, more than ever! Now I will write the downsides:..............................................! Done! lolol

      I LOVE INOVIO and how it makes the chartists scratch their heads in disbelief!

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    • It's gonna go up, down, left, right, sideways, up again, left to right, straight down the line, then a right handle, an elephant just walked in the room who killed mr. Plum with a candle stick. BAM! And we profit...I kid I kid...

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