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  • videoctr videoctr Jan 18, 2014 7:35 PM Flag

    The paradigm shift

    Q. Who will be first to take first mover advantage in genomic based vaccines to the masses (patients)?
    That is, the first academic medical center to drop conventional cancer chemo therapy for genomic based vaccine immunotherapy.

    Q. What will happen to the rest of the cancer centers that fail to adopt the new paradigm of treatment?

    Q. At what stage will the medical centers recognize the fast approaching inflection point that they are irrelevant and need to change toward genomic based vaccine immunology or risk losing all of their patients?

    Q. What will the inflection point be that tips the scale toward the new paradigm and they begin to move toward genomics? Actionable items: they will need to endow a chairmanship position, raise money and reorganize by bringing in the best and brightest practitioners and researchers, and find support for future funding in genomics.

    Q. Has the first shot been fired? Fired by Sloan Kettering, partnered with Juno Therapeutic ($120 million venture capital raised and launched December 4, 2013) and Univ. of Penn, together they are curing patients of leukemia. The shot heard around the world! Yes, they fired it. The public got to see the patients and hear them speak about a life saving cure.

    Q. Who else is still back stage and waiting for the curtain call? Waiting to shine in the public domain and show their stuff (vaccine trials) and demonstrate outcomes? We see a lot of big pharmaceutical players reorganizing. I am just as excited as my fellow longs here, you have the vision to see very early, the tidal wave of change that is sweeping the health care field in genomic vaccine immunology. You already know the answer to this last question. This has to be the year of Inovio. Stay the course, do not be distracted by the bashers. We were advised, 2014 will dwarf 2013. Believe it!

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