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  • gacohen03 gacohen03 Mar 20, 2014 5:25 PM Flag

    Many Americans Believe Health Conspiracy Theories

    WebMD News from HealthDay
    March 20, 2014 -- A new survey finds that nearly half of American adults believe that cover-ups about a wide range of health issues are being carried out by companies, the federal government or both.

    The online poll of more than 1,300 adults found that 37 percent believed that the Food and Drug Administration is keeping "natural cures for cancer and other diseases" under wraps due to pressure from drug makers, USA Today reported.

    It also found that 20 percent of respondents believe that doctors and health officials promote child vaccines even though they "know these vaccines cause autism and other psychological disorders," and 20 percent believe that health officials are concealing evidence that cell phones cause cancer.

    Smaller percentages of people believed conspiracy theories about the deliberate infection of blacks with HIV, genetically modified foods, and fluoride, USA Today reported.

    The poll also found that 49 percent of respondents believed at least one of the conspiracy theories they were asked about and 18 percent believed at least three.

    The findings published this week in JAMA Internal Medicine show a "a very low level of trust" in government and business, study co-author Eric Oliver, a professor of political science at the University of Chicago, told USA Today.

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    • I don't believe the percentage of Americans believing in conspiracies in general would be any different than those involving health. Keep in mind the words of President Eisenhower..."beware the Military / Industrial Complex". I would venture to guess that 100 % of Americans believe in one conspiracy or another. It is the choice of which conspiracy stories you believe that will have you ridiculed by everyone else, but we are all guilty! Conservatives will ridicule those who believe Bush Admin brought down Twin Towers while believing a Honolulu Newspaper conspired with the family and health officials to falsify public records concerning Obama's birth certificate. Neither are plausible to me, but Ike's statement has a ring of truth (at least for me).

    • terry.booth1 Mar 23, 2014 9:00 AM Flag

      So what's new? Some people insist the US government brought down the twin towers. People love their conspiracies. It gives them something to do, and makes them feel like "insiders" with relevant, insightful information. And, many of them are just plain nuts.

    • 40% of people don't believe in evolution and a good chunk of those think that there were dinosaurs on the Ark.
      You woulda thought that after a couple a hundred thousand years that modern man has been around, we wouldn't still be crowded around the campfire, afraid of ghosts.

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    • Recent news: US prosecutors have brought civil-fraud charges against Novartis for allegedly paying kickback to physicians to prescribe their diabetes and anti-hypertension drugs ( Gleevec and Tasigna), Novartis claims the money was paid to doctors to speak at education programs around the United States. The charges against Novartis allege speaking fees, lavish dinners and vacations illegally provided doctors $65 million. This money of course is included in the "cost" of drug development.

      Not The First Time For Novartis: in 2010, the same unit of Novartis pled guilty to misdemeanor violations and paid $422.5 million to settle civil and criminal charges that it illegally marketed certain pharmaceutical products and paid doctors kickbacks to prescribe it.

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    • Everyone needs to watch YouTube videos Making a Killing Psychotropic drugging and Big Pharma insider sales rep turned whistleblower Gwen Owens and you will clearly see people have good reason to believe FDA and BP are crooks. Also consider how many diseases BP and FDA have irraticated in their entire history which is is perhaps 1 polio and some would debate that. This statistically suggests BP and FDA are not only crooked as a corkscrew as the 2 videos reveal but their more interested in treating symptoms than finding cures as treating symptoms is much more profitable.
      On the flip side People live and people die just as every other animal and living organism and that is the balance of nature , humans seem to think they can find the cure for cancer etc and have spent trillions in this pursuit. What if someday they find cures for every ill which is unlikely judging by past history but say they do, and average life span increases by say 50% and majority of population start to live till that are 110 , the population would explode to unnatural and unsustainable levels as resources that are already strained would be fought over and pollution would make for a scenario likely worse than the natural balance of nature and those extended lives would likely be wiped out by starvation and or a nuclear war once someone like the nutcase in N Korea runs out of food.

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      • terry.booth1 Mar 23, 2014 8:57 AM Flag

        Silly claptrap. I've been hearing it for decades, but instead, we're living longer, richer, more healthful lives, and advances in farming, science, and everything else will continue without the world coming to an end. If we can someday live as long as we wish, then so be it. If you'd like to check out to balance some scenario in your mind, feel free. The rest of us will go on and eventually spread out to the stars.

      • The problem is that people aren't discerning enough (ie. too lazy to research anything) or have access to the information to know the difference. The immunization/autism scam is believed by millions, yet it is a crock. But one can understand why people believe it because of past dishonest practices by authorities. Have you ever seen a movie that didn't portray the government as a bunch of liars and hiding the truth?

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      • I think about that as well. INOs problem may just be that its to effective. the thought has definately crossed my mind. It's the first thing I thought when I did my DD. This will kill many many other companies off and makes ino dangerous to many. Dr. Kim needs a security detail.

    • bourbon_on_my_cornflakes bourbon_on_my_cornflakes Mar 21, 2014 3:50 AM Flag

      OK, so what is the incentive of the FDA to suppress cures for cancer to help big pharma? Answer: none. The FDA would not profit from this, in fact any politician would have a field day with this if he could prove it was going on. Generally the pharma industry sees the FDA as an impediment to the industry, not as its helper.

      Likewise what is the incentive for pharma, as an industry, to suppress cures? Answer: none. While an individual company might benefit from suppressing a better treatment, competitors would benefit from commercializing it. As we know from INO, the potential for a better treatment is worth billions, so there will always be a huge incentive for companies to come up with better treatments. That is why they spend billions on R&D.

      The fact that these C_____ theories gain traction with a significant portion of the population Is due to a lack of understanding of how a free market economy innovates.

      A little more sympathy for: Smaller percentages of people believed conspiracy theories about the deliberate infection of blacks with HIV, genetically modified foods, and fluoride.

      A small group of blacks were deliberately infected with Syphillus by the govt in an experiment in the 1930s. That was the govt, not big pharma. Not the general population, but the govt was wrong. Likewise fluoridated water was pushed to get rid of fluoride by the govt. Generally speaking, if an industry has at least 5 competitors, it will be very difficult to distort the market. Pharma has hundreds of companies.

      The tricky one here is genetically modified food, which as far as I can tell is dominated by Monstanto. Although in this case, no one is disputing the superior productivity of Monsanto seeds, it is more whether such modified seeds have negative health side effects. There are no "natural" superior seeds being suppressed.

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      • Bourbon, are you aware that the FDA is composed of former big Pharma Executives? It is a progressive ladder that they all climb to protect the few members club. For example, marijuana does have a great medicinal value to kill off free radicals and yet the government says it is a dangerous and addicting drug with no medicinal value yet the government holds a patent for the ( I think it is cabinoid oil) that has the killing effect. Look it up if you don't believe it, so how many more natural cures are out there that have been crushed by special interests? Look around you, things are not really as the appear to be.
        INO is destined to disrupt medicine as we know it, and do we actually believe that the big boys are just going to sit there and watch it happen? Think about it!

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      • Im just saying this. It's more profitable in many cases of certain illnesses to treat not cure the disease. Not taliking about just cancer. It's definately possible. Look at the tabacco industry. Not to long ago cigarettes were thought to be harmless, even healthy for some things. Look at that industries cover up. Just saying $$$=Greed and corruption. Not for all but, it needs to be monitered and is possible...Respect to you cornflakes. Just pointing that out.

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