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  • billa_from_sf billa_from_sf Mar 23, 2014 5:46 PM Flag

    Bogus arguments to expect after positive VGX-3100 P2 results.

    I was holding PLUG this month when the bashers took it down from 11 to 5, so I did a little research to see what the press does to a monster biotech after positive P2 data. One example I found by matching up bear raid dates to financial press hit pieces is the paragraph below from July 22, 2011 about Ariad.

    If you pull some bear raid dates off of old charts and look for their supporting hit pieces, you will find the same argument employed time and time again. Ariad, of course, after it recovered went on to double from where it was when hit.

    I think we can expect a similar attack on INO when VGX-3100 results are in.

    Here is the quote from a Motley Fool article entitled "These 2 Biotechs Are Dangerous Investments," July 22, 2011:

    Ariad Pharmaceuticals, like Pharmasset, has reached a lofty valuation of $1.7 billion without having a marketable drug as of yet.

    The company's primary focus is on cancer solutions through its three primary drugs, ridaforolimus, ponatinib, and AP26113. Between Ariad's three main candidates and the 13 clinical and preclinical trials currently being explored, only one has made it to the phase 3 stage. In short, an FDA rejection of ridaforolimus at this point could do serious damage to shareholder value, especially considering that the stock has rallied 327% in the past year.

    Ariad currently generates all of its revenue from partnerships, specifically with Merck (NYSE: MRK ) . While Ariad does get the experience of having Merck on its side, it's unclear what percentage of royalties Ariad would receive if ridaforolimus were approved. In sum, there are still far too many unanswered questions to justify a $1.7 billion valuation.

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    • Plug is another over hyped alternative energy company.

    • Thanks for the alert.

    • Trying to say what will happen after data is just hot air. The dude below says he's seen it time and time again? Yea how many times have you ever seen a biotech like this? Get real...any bashing article after data will be meaningless if Tutes are buying blocks by the millions. Worrying about AF after data is comical

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    • Did bashers really take plug down from 11 to 5, or was it because it was hyped and over valued ? It went from $.15 to $11.72 in the last year. They were part of the fuel cell bubble that popped.

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    • This isn't just about VGX-3100, but a validation of their syncon technology. Positive results will add value to every vaccine in the pipeline and bring in additional partnerships. Not to mention, we will see lots of institutional interest. INO isn't your ordinary biotech !!!

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    • Bill...we can expect things to get bad with the hit pieces. This is some great insight as to what's coming and thanks for the education.- dme

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      • I fully expect the shorts to let INO run up once we go over 4. We have not had any capitulation on the short side "yet". (Really high volume day for no reason). What we have been witnessing in INOs stock price has been classic technical buying by the bots and those who can read a chart. (yes fund buying as well to some degree)
        Once we get to the high 4s "soon" new short positions will be established and the hit pieces may come out (think SA, AF and MF). Stock will retreat and we stabilize for final outcome of ph 2.
        After ph 2 announced you can bet if its positive all the prof short hit type articles will question the value and data trying to keep a lid on any huge run up. MM will let stock drop several days after good results with profit taking (knowing Mut funds want in at lower price). Ive seen this time and again......BE READY......

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