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  • garysnoop1 garysnoop1 Mar 28, 2014 11:42 AM Flag

    If Phase 2 and 3 on any given vaccine becomes successful this stock would go up anyway,to where institutional

    buyers would price wise then be incised to invest. I think we can all assume that.So why not let it earn its way to investment quality? It's only a few mo. away.We all know with any success at all $5 is a no brainer and opens the door for institutions, wide! It's not like we are strapped for cash.So why..??

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    • bumpitup

    • 1. the company will take advantage of market conditions regardless. Management is genius in that with current price, this is last and only opportunity to reduce total number of outstanding shares without having to buy back. 2. this not only provides the higher price for new entrants but also higher level from which to issue more shares to support future clinicals while keeping total float up to present levels after more issuance. I bet they split prior to data release causing what they may perceive as a double wammy, good clinicals that encourage buyin that is forced at higher intrinsic price. Thus , if best conditions present themselves, we go from 8-10 to way up.

    • terry.booth1 Mar 28, 2014 12:44 PM Flag

      Why do we have to be cut to be price wise?

    • They are allowing larger institutions to purchase BEFORE Phase 2 results come in...Not hard to understand, gary...IF share price continues to be manipulated by 10s of millions of shorted shares as P2 announcement approaches, a RS will occur, so large funds can get some shares PRIOR to Phase 2 results coming out...Stock will become immune to shortie manipulations as more funds hold shares...I believe Dr. Kim wants shares over $10 to maximize institutional investors before Phase 2...So, if we are $5, Dr. Kim does a 1:2; $4, likely a 1:3...If we are over $10 per share by Phase 2 announcement, then no RS, imo...I don't see this as a negative, no matter how many names people call me!$ LOL!$ Dr. Kim stabilizing the stock for even stronger dwarfing growth!$

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Who needs a R/S if the clinical trials for the vaccines are a success. The price of INO will go up on its merits
      and not based on the R/S. INO investors should vote NO to the R/S. INO has moved up from penny stock
      to its current price of $3.00 + because retail investors believe in the company's pipeline of drugs and not
      the manipulation of stock prices by fund managers.
      I've been burned by bio pharmas going on R/S such as ASTM, CYTK and DCTH.

    • I just don't see the logic.In the mean time they beat the Heil out of the investors. Logical progression would have gotten them the same thing in a few mo.and saved us the pain..

    • exactly... the RS filing is baffling and can only be viewed as a just in case ph 2 trial results dont work out strategy despite the claim its for widening investment appeal. If results are good no shareholder in their right mind would vote for a RS when PPS is over $5 possibly over $10 already. Plenty of institutional investors can buy when over $5 so just the mention of RS has kept the pps from moving toward $5 already. Bad move by CEO as it was counter productive imo.

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