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  • siestacottage siestacottage Jun 12, 2014 9:07 AM Flag

    INO is a target for buy out with the results from this study, very positive.

    Merck, Roche and BMY have created a monoclonal antibody, called a checkpoint inhibitor, which allows T-cells to recognize and kill cancer cells. This passive cancer approach is a great validation of the importance of T-cells in immunotherapy as T-cells and only T-cells are essential in killing cancer cells.

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    • The rationale for the R/S was to position Inovio to be a major BP enterprise in its own right.

      Dr. Kim has stated explicitly that he is not a CEO who was brought in from the outside to grow Inovio for a few quarters and flip it. This is his baby, and the baby of Inovio's amazing BOD and team of science advisers.

      Anyone who bought INO because they think Inovio is going to be bought out has no idea what they are holding or what this company is about.

    • I think a good starting point in valuing the company is the IDENIX deal. That was worth 3.5 billion for a couple of Hep -C drugs( one is going off patent in 3 years). Factor in HIV, Hep B and HPV, cervical and prostate cancer, and today I would give it a $10 billion dollar valuation in a buyout. If they wait for the data to come out it easily could $20 Billion or higher. I know your all probably saying whats he putting in his coffee, however this platform is very broad and INO could be on the verge of unlocking many cures for cancer and other immune mediated diseases. GLTA

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      • I very much agree with this post.

        Much depends on the efficacy of the HPV P2 trials. We already know the safety profile will not be an issue. IF we can meet the primary endpoint of the study, look for the PPS to shoot up a minimum of 50% and perhaps as much as 150%. At which point I believe buyout offers will start being floated in earnest.

        IF I were Inovio management, I wouldn't take less than $10B on good P2 results.

    • Exactly. Maybe not buy out, but definitely partnership. INO has demonstrated an ability to produce t-cells 18 times greater than then next closest competitor. This is huge, and a big reason why T-cells DO matter.

    • Any offer could be put on the table- Validating value but I don't think Dr. Kim would consider

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