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  • maui maui Jun 26, 2014 4:11 PM Flag

    Piper Jaffray / Charles Duncan interview


    Good read.
    Does this guy come across as one helluva lot smarter than AF, or what?!?

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    • just a tad.

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    • Indeed, maui, a very good read. The interview is well structured and accurately states the reality of the P-2 outcome. I especially like the comment that the P-3 was a go even if the P-2 results did not report a "statistical difference". I expect they will but, even so, it is good to know there will be so much learned from the P-2 results that can then be used to better design the P-3 trial that will end up being the true test of achieving product approval. It's so unfortunate that articles by AF and MF try to paint a picture that says the P-2 results will fail when in reality the data will simply be used to better design the all important P-3 studies. This reality is very well explained in the article by Charles Duncan.

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      • Well put fourms: The AF's are going to bash and manipulate even on good news. This PH II is hugely important, but it is not a "binary event." It is a learning experience, and the final product to market very well may be the 3112 rather than the 3100; and very little delay in the end. The fact is, and Charles Duncan and other analysts know that this company has the IP locked down, and are on the cutting edge of the technology. We've all seen bios with marginal test results go up, and we've seen others have great news and go down within a day. That's why buying and holding is the way to go, unless you are really good at anticipating the catalysts, and able to buy on some of these dips.

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    • Yeah, As from his mouth 'This is not a pivotal study, but I think the primary endpoint here, reduction in lesions, is absolutely the best first way to see whether this drug is working.'


      'don’t think the stock will move that much in a few weeks, but I think the stock could hit double digits pretty easily, in terms of its trading range, with a good outcome from the Phase 2 study.' Um its double digits now

      you might see a 35-50% pop and then wait years to go through the same thing- Great for the LONG, not so much if youre wanting a quick profit... Again Hope INO does well but this wont make anyone rich for a LONG time

    • AF is a biopharm-neophyte compared to Duncan. You could take AF's and TL's entire combined knowledge of biopharmaceutical stocks and it would still fit on the head of a pin!

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