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  • markbuti markbuti Jul 6, 2014 2:09 PM Flag

    Is Adam Feuerstein able to "man up" if he's wrong???

    One thing Inovio investors can be assured of is if Inovio's results are something short of stellar,.. A.F. will be publishing his normal hit piece to basically say "I told you so..... and to all of the doe-eyed Inovio's a thumb in your eye!!"

    If the results are statistically significant & set a firm foundation for advancement of VGX-3100, but something short of stellar... he will likely seek to twist the results (i.e. in normal, conservative terms,.. **LIE**) regarding the significance of the results....

    The big question is... if the results are solid,..... is A.F. MAN enough to admit he made a bone-headed statements in his prior hit pieces.... wherein he attacked the science,... Dr. Kim,... and Inovio investors??
    Shall we expect a mea culpa??

    My speculation... he won't because AF isn't man enough to admit when he's missed something by a mile.... If pressed,.. he'll contrive up some lame a*s execuse.... and then go on to make an even more stupid prognostication.....

    Are you listening AF?? How about for once demonstrating some integrity and humility??

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