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  • lovemyonvo lovemyonvo Jul 10, 2014 10:18 AM Flag

    Perhaps my Cynicism is...

    getting the best of me today. All of us who are long would love to see the shorts get hosed here. Then I remember who they aren't. They aren't RETAIL! These are big boys playing with millions of dollars, and they don't lose EVER. Why? They don't lose because they have the money and the power to control the playing field. So they will use their influence to get out at a profit, and then they will go long, and they will still win. The only way to defeat them is to stop them from stealing shares from retail. This is one of the few stocks that for a long time has been primarily retail. They will stop at nothing to change that, so that they can get richer, and retail loses out on the opportunity of a lifetime. DON'T LET THEM HAVE YOUR SHARES!!!!!

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    • visceraljunket Jul 10, 2014 10:35 AM Flag

      If we (retail) don't sell, they can't win and if we buy at the lows, they lose .

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    • YOU CAN'T STOP THEM. They are the new chosen vehicle for Dr. Kim and the BOD. This will continue until they are well satisfied. DON'T LET THEM GET YOUR SHARES will not keep them from beating the hekk out of the little investors. Retail will tire of it and give in, happens all the time. If you got in at .50 you can say don't sell from a strong position, but for the guys and gals that bought at $3+ on "grow the company organically", they got taken. Yes, if they can hold through the beating they will eventually recover, but not many will have the strength to make it. This is Dr. Kim's way of saying "thank you for your support".

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      • stillinshock, I bought in between 2 and $3. I am hurting here too, but I did not buy based on what the CEO said about how they were going to grow. I bought in because I LOVED the science behind it all. This pipeline validated will be the ROI of a lifetime for most of us here. It will be google and Microsoft rolled into one. That is why I am hanging tough here. Weak retail hands getting out will cause many a war story in the years to come about coulda, woulda, shoulda. They will be telling anyone who will listen about how they ALMOST made it big. I refuse to be one of those people!!

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      • Those of us who were in early experienced the same setbacks. Back then was more of a gamble than what it is now. Now you have a stalwart in Roche, a soon-to-be validated and voted best-in-class vaccine, money in the coffers, and more talks with big pharma. If someone buys shares today or have bought at $3 plus and have not sold, don't feel sorry for them. They will come out ahead.

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