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  • deliveryman85 deliveryman85 Jul 15, 2014 2:13 PM Flag

    Nearly comical the Lack of Investor Confidence pre-P2 Results...why?

    83% Successful inducing Strong Antigen-Specific T-cell counts with highest Safe dosage used in P1 and was then used in P2...This was 1 of the 2 Endpoints for P2 results and I see NO reason to fear P2 Results on account of This concern...So...Any 'fear' must lay in the ability to achieve the stated goal of a 52% Regression rate which more than doubles the Averaged 'Natural Regression rate'...the "Wall of Worry"...Our Methodology Specifically Targets the this case HPV to be clear, although a bit redundant. Because the Human Immune system has Shown the ability to Force HPV into remission (without Science) in approximately 25% of the females infected (males carry the Virus too) INO Chose HPV as it's Lead Candidate...referred to as the "Low hanging Fruit" as apposed to HIV which we Also attacked as a Therapeutic in P1 (published results pending) with the N.I.H.'s help...This IS (P2 HPV) our First publicized Human Testing Result of our Vaccine used as a Therapeutic...Fear is understandable but do YOU Really Believe we set ourselves up for Failure??? Read our CEO's Credentials...and Other Top personell First///Then

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    • The problem is not with confidence in P2, but the utility of positive results. If the results of P2 are positive, what will it do to the value of the company? That is where confidence is lacking.

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    • Excellent post dman, nicely done.

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    • stillheretostayiloveinovio stillheretostayiloveinovio Jul 16, 2014 4:16 AM Flag

      Absolutely 100% agree deliveryman. Those who have done minimal research will fall by the wayside and those of us who have spent copious amounts of our precious time researching will prosper, plain and simple. To some INO's science may seem like rocket science but for us genuine longs its as simple and the ABC. I don't need to know all the scientific names to get the gist of what I read and I'm no doctor, scientist or academic. There are more than enough outsiders of the company that have bought into INO's science due to the results they have seen to date, companies that spend 100's of 1000's of dollars researching before they make a decision to invest. I will ride on the backs of those who have deeper pockets than I have to spend on research and on my own judgement and intuition. This company is a no brainer, in this segment (biotechs), I can't find a better company with the same prospects as Inovio Pharma. I have spent nearly 2 years doing my research and buying on 11 separate occasions because INO what I have invested in as do the other genuine longs which I have come to know over that time. THERE IS NO OTHER COMPANY LIKE THIS ONE INO, DO UNO?

      KNOW WHAT YOU OWN, but this will take you time and energy to discover what lies behind this company. This is time well spent if your looking for a retirement fund. DON'T LET THE NAYSAYERS AND SNAKES TALK YOU OUT OF YOUR INVESTMENT! DO YOUR RESEARCH!

      Onwards & UPwards Inovio.

      Great post deliveryman.

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    • babyneedsnewpairofshoes babyneedsnewpairofshoes Jul 15, 2014 10:09 PM Flag know me! I am drinking the cool-aid and buying every chance I can. I keep laughing to myself every time there is a bear raid...I think.....#$%$...I have a lot of shares they want....good things.

    • Excellent Thread!!

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    • INO has the technology that worked and can be commercialized. They got emerging technology to archive things never before possible. Inovio would be opening a new technology that we have all been dreaming about. They accumulated a highly qualified group of management team and scientist knows how to bring great technology to the market. For example Dr. Kim has successfully developed a vaccine and got approval by FDA a while back when he worked for Merck & Company
      So far, he got lots of successful companies and people on the bandwagon like Roche, US Gov, Canada Gov, UK Gov, South Korea Gov, Universities, Bill and Melinda foundation and many more to come. Currently Dr. Kim are sitting on the table to negotiate with Merck & Company, Pfizer, and Sanofi . In my opinion, I do not think INO will ever trade under $10 again. You will see INO trade must higher than $26.00 price target by Charles Duncan.
      I am looking at $59 - $69 per share by year end. I would buy as much as I can and keep for 10 years.
      3 magic words: BUY BUY BUY

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    • great post and very informative. Thanks

    • Thanks Dman for bringing up investor confidence. I submit that retail longs have just about bitten off as much as they can chew. I am in that boat. If I had more cash, I would be a buyer today. I see the lack of volume as an indication that big Tutes are in charge at this point. When data is released, we will see where they are headed. I plan to hold regardless, because there are so many catalysts in this pipeline. A once in a lifetime opportunity, JMHO.

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    • well, for whatever its worth, here is my take, and yes, I can be very pessimistic when it comes to these things, but also very optimistic as well at times......I recently witnessed a bizarre reaction to what imho was GOOD news for a little biotech called SRPT that has a drug that halts and even improves the deadly DMD or muscular dystrophy that primarily boys get or genetically born with.........SRPT released the result of a P2 trial that involved monitoring the performance of 12 boys over 144 weeks.....the primary endpoint was how far the boys were able to walk in 6 minutes....anyway, the results showed on average that the boys were able to walk farther than had they not taken the drug....and initially the stock reacted in a positive manner in pre-market...then the hit pieces started flying and deceptive headlines with double meaning and stuff reading like results show decline in walking test??? and then the share price tanked 25%?.....its recovered to around 12 to 13% tanking, but the point here will these results be communicated? SRPT has a large shorting interest as well....and its become apparent they have won to some degree, is this the fate of the shorts have an action plan to orchestrate that regardless of how good the results are here they will still be able to cause the share price to tank?.....and everyone in the know....knows it?.....after all, I think retail investors only have so much power to move the price here.....or is this one last ditch attempt to scare people out of their shares before the trials are released.....I agree though....I don't like the way this is acting prior to the eniminent release of trial would think the share price should be headed higher, but imho appears shorts are holding steady with their position.....and there is no rushing to cover or buy before the results are released......perhaps it won't be until this coming Monday, July 21st.....a 4 AM PR.....and this is all for show

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      • If you read the SRPT results PR, it was really poorly written at it highlights the decline in the treatment arm instead of focusing on the difference between placebo and treatment group. Additionally, the CEO released the results to members of the media before issuing the PR, and we all know these media members have no connections to funds, LOL. Their CEO screwed up big time, but he lacked the scientific background to really get in front of the story and diffuse the concerns. Instead, he let a poorly written PR to be released, and allow the media to dictate the storyline.

        Inovio is not going to let that happen. Besides, HPV clearance is fairly straight forward, so there isn't much spin you can put on it. If we pass Phase II trial acceptance criteria, then it is a simple move to Phase III (with 4 doses) or we find a partner. Multiple partners would be interested in a therapeutic HPV treatment. If you think the fight for Hep C is fierce, wait until you see the HPV battle. Make no mistake, HPV therapeutic is highly highly coveted by big pharma because it is NOT a vaccine. You can charge a huge premium for therapeutic treatments because they are so rare and difficult to develop. I already wrote in previous post about Roche chomping at the bit to get their hands on this if it works to compliment their COBAS HPV detection test. They will overpay to get it. I'm sure Gilead and Merck and Pfizer will all be circling. If the Phase II results are good, I would not be worried about finding a partner. The only discussion is how much upfront and total size of deal. Inovio has not even factored the cost of Phase III into their cash runway for HPV, that tells you something.

      • This reminds me of what happened after the Roche partnership announcement. In pre-market, Ino was up over a dollar (pre-RS)) but only finished the day up around .43....... which still wasn't bad but not what was expected or hoped for. The sad part was that the pps only went down from there over the next few weeks.

        My concern is a similar scenario even upon great P2 results. No matter what, I'm holding on to my 7500 shares.

      • My sense is, yags, that the shorting funds know, like most here have surmised, that data will be forthcoming next week; so, continuing to manipulate this to the very end continues to breed the fear you noted...and, there is not great risk to shorts, until next week!$ Many have decided to play it safer by waiting until trial results are revealed...However, I think there will be some very good upward price movement following positive P2 data!$ However, with what we have seen lately in biotechs particularly shows, as you and others point out, there are some very dark forces out there running lawlessly through market with impunity; so, I do not blame anyone for waiting to see P2 results and market reaction before jumping back in...As coop pointed out in his excellent post, longs rely in the data and fundamentals, which up to this point have been great!$ I've stated all along that the only thing that will part me from my long position is poor results...I'm expecting the good data/results to continue, so I remain firmly entrenched, regardless of the manipulation of the share price we have seen during the past 3-4 months!$ Best wishes, yags!$

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      • hence the term, run with the bulls and dance with the bears

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      • I have wondered about what you are saying regarding the shorts- in a less sophisticated way- but the same idea. It is disturbing how the markets "work".

    • You All Saw what Antigen Specific Reprogrammed T-Cells did verses Leukemia Right??? WHY Doubt Our T-cell capability Here? Be Smart. GL

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