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  • racerray1317 racerray1317 Mar 3, 2003 7:39 PM Flag

    AILY, Haven't you learned

    AILY, you still are promoting that penny stuff, I thought you were getting smarter.

    Even after all these months, I still see you are loved all over the place.

    Looking at TGT I see a stock that may be pulling back to a major support, plus the Jag Off at the Street.com looking to panic the public. Greenberg, the goof, is promoting the short side for a client of his. Christ, TGT is not going the way of the big A, the peice of shit. Didn't the "Three Stooges" go to jail yet, the damm theifs!

    Yes, I must agree that the economy is getting worse, but that also is being driven more by world events and the media and their scare tactics plus the fear of war.

    The President should pull ALL the troops out of Europe and the Middle East and say, "have a ball you assholes"! You deal with that lunitic all alone and don't call us, we will call you! And by the way, our borders are now CLOSED to everyone and I mean everyone! Be perpared for a major influx of your people without any reason to be here, cause we are shipping them back on a very slow boat. Vacationing doesn't cut it either. Go to Disney in France, they love you, let those fags deal with it.

    Fuck em all, the God Damm grease balls.

    Maybe the American public should listen to the recent Darrel Worley's new song, "Don't Forget". Yes it is country, what else would I listen to and is very contraversial right now, take a listen yourself.

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    • Ray, Your post is a fresh of breath air, for real.

      But Ray, You are the one who gave me ADSX and that is a penny, remember the big chipping hype?

      I see you changed your tone towards the middle easterners. I remember when you called me an asshole saying that's why the world is so fucked up because people like me. All I said is kill em all and close our borders from them terrorists pricks.

      I loved that photo of that terrorist that got busted the other day, what a fat fucking slime ball. I thought them sand scum didn't eat pork? I can tell you that overweight loser what a pig eaten mother fucker.

      • 1 Reply to akroniloveyou
      • Yes I did give that one to you and don't forget BGO, the gold miner, gave you that one also. Where good for some real money at the time, but I have had a lot of time to reflect and study the market since I have been out.

        Generally speaking, you are MUCH better off by trading issues that actually have value, actual or precieved. A lot safer and alot smarter.

        As for your saying that I changed my tone. YES I HAVE!!! When the GREATEST country in the world, BAR NONE, is brought to it's knees, and yes we have been brought to our knees, by a bunch of toothless, stinkass camel jockeys who have absolutely no value for human life and have those countries that are susposed to be friends supporting them by non intervention because they don't want the problem in their homeland.

        Folks those are the countries these assholes are planning the next attack of the good old US of A!!! France and Germany are the biggest hideouts for these lame brain turban heads. They live there with their families and friends in relative safety because the country lets them roam free.

        When the price of oil drives the economy, AND IT DOES, and that price is controled by OPEC, a group of "blue lipped" mother fuckers riding camels and jerking off sheep all the while screwing their sisters and children. Man oh man, the hills of the south can't hold a candle to these people.

        This is why the economy sucks. This is why the spending is being curtailed. How many EXTRAS are you going to buy when the price for a gallon of heating oil exceeds $2.00, which it has and how far are you going to travel when the price of gasoline exceeds the same amount, which in many places it has also.

        I'm telling you, if you/we, cut these assholes off, you will see gas below a buck and you will be able to heat your home and family for .50 to .60 a gallon. Then and only then will the economy recover. Period!

    • I've been saying the same for along time. Throw those damn foreigners out of my country.

    • Great post.

      Sent it to the White House.

    • The song is "Have you Forgotten", sorry for the error. Here is the link if you want to listen to it. Sorry, I haven't forgotten and actually have gone to the Big Apple and saw the pillars of light last year.


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