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  • bob_novaks_head_implodes bob_novaks_head_implodes Dec 20, 2005 3:29 PM Flag

    Target now saying Merry Christmas?

    """I guess it just pains you that a group of people applied economic pressure to TGT. """

    that's a cute name for blackmail and extortion

    """Is the real issue the messages of christmas are contrary to your own beliefs? """

    i love christmas. I just hate jackbooted thugs that force their opinion on secular commercial enterprises that have shareholders.
    Did you guys wear your hoods when you did it...?

    """Does it cause you deep emotional scaring to see Christian themed promotional material while shopping ? """

    no, but it saddens me to see that so-called-christian fundamentalists can do the same thing here that we call islamic-fundamantalists "terrorists" for doing in the middle east.

    """Do you feel left out because you don't believe ?"""

    i believe you fundamentalist terrorists have become economic terrorists because you are not smart enough to figure out how to wire bombs.
    People like you scare us ordinary people.

    """I have a Jewish friend..."""

    people like you don't have "friends", only "acquaintances"

    """If you don't, then just ignore it since you don't believe. """

    people like you make yourself hard to ignore. And it is not about xmas, is it? It's about you economic terrorists trying to drag the stock down along with the company. And you want people to ignore you? lol.

    """Otherwise, keep your antiChrist perspective out of the holidays."""

    how about keeping your extremist fundamentalist religious perspective out of the secular marketplace?
    Or doesn't the militant religious gestapo accept any part of life being 'secular'...?

    """Happy Holidays !!!! """

    see? Now that wasn't hard, was it?

    struck a nerve, have I, buffy? Your alias is a laugh given your bizarre militant religious views. But then, all you want is everything your way, eh...?

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    • Your response tells me it is not about business. It is about a secular agenda contrary to the wishes of the majority of the marketplace.

      It is quite telling that you equate an economic boycott with terrorism. Do you feel the same way about African American boycotts during the 60's and 70's ? Who has the white hood now.

      The bottom line is a great deal of people want to see spirituality in the market place during Christmas and Easter. It is only in YOUR narrow minded world that the market place is secular. Ever been to a Kosher deli that didn't have something related to the Hebrew faith ? Have you even been to a kosher deli. Were you offended ? Should all deli's be secular ? Why does a Kosher deli promote orthodox principles ? Because it is profitable and meets the needs of their customers. Is that good business or bad business ?

      Why should Target be any different than a kosher deli ? It should not. It should merchandise its product lines to appeal to the guests intrensic needs which motivate spending.

      That is good business and leads to profits and leads to increased stock values.

      If you took your hood off you could see the value in promoting christmas to meet the needs of the marketplace.

      • 2 Replies to courage_and_truth
      • You are one huge dickhead. Oh right, you're one of those Christians. Sorry, it's an easy mistake to make. By the way the Easter Bunny was by asking for you. You do believe in the Easter Bunny right? Oh yeah, I just found out the world is flat. Did you know that? Oh yeah, and Jesus is the son of God. He and the Easter Bunny are really good friends. Did you know that a suicide bomber goes to heaven and is given 32 virgins when he gets there. I don't know if it's the same for a women suicide bomber. Do you? I'd like to see that. Do you have to be Muslim for that to work? Talk about courage and truth! How about those Christians that got beamed up to that spaceship. Wow! Got to go now, we'll talk more later, OK?

      • bob_novaks_head_implodes bob_novaks_head_implodes Dec 20, 2005 7:25 PM Flag

        so where do you religious fundamentalist terrorists shop?

        i assume Ramadan is a bigger deal for you than xmas

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