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  • optionshunter007 optionshunter007 Mar 22, 2006 1:07 AM Flag

    Easy money.


    BUY Target tomorrow if it dips below $53.00!!!

    Forward PE now below 15. The EASIEST money one can make in this market is buying Target anywhere near $52.50.


    This topic is deleted.
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    • "close to home'? FUCKING CLASSIC! Delusions of grandeur on top of your insatiable desire to quote store pukes as "executives"! How fucking sad!

      Every moron gets my attention. You are still droning on, two years in a row now, about Global Bazaar. I gave you the numbers, but sadly, that is a little beyond your cerebral capabilities. Of course, what isn't?

      Brag some more about your wealth and investments. Truly fucking pathetic.

      Tell the truth, what is your issue. Your vilification of TGT is totally inaccurate. Did you get fired, did you have retaurn refused or, like your soulmate AllMental, did you fail to rub two quarters together and miss a credit card payment. Tell us, asswipe.

    • Read the whole post, or are you too busy humpin' grandma?

      I said I wasn't wealthy, but not needy.

      Are you cranky cause your SSI check didn't come in yet? Keep hangin' around the porch.

      What's up with today? That dividend you always vomiting sure makes up for this going down hill loser....

      How come you take so much time for a fucking moron like me? Hitting close to home?

      You went to asia to tag on some boy-san's ass, didn't you, you pathetic pitiful $.05/post waste of semen.

      You continually cut and paste Motley Fools old write up from what used to be the "good old days".

      You push your employee agenda so you don't get kicked while you're under the desk.

      Health care benefits must be getting to be too much to carry for TGT. Definity Health- what a fucking loser provider. Blue Cross Blue Shield of MN too expensive.

      This Amway wanna be company with it's Isaac M. PR girl. What a fucking showing of what kind of corp. TGT is. Fat, gay, brainless, Christian haters.

      Oh, well....let me get to another of your post.

    • My agenda? To debunk fucking morons like you who try to pass off cursory, ignorant bullshit as cogent analysis. You know absolutely zilch about Target or any other business as far as I can tell.

      You laughably get all your info from prepubescent cashiers. Either you are a pedophile or a moron: most likely both.

      Visit China? I have made over 30 trips to Asia. What's your point?

      "Last years (sic) writeup"? By that do you mean your droning on about Global Bazaar? You were spewing the same info last year as you do today. Of course, totally inaccurate. The program has been extremely profitable. With initial markups of over 60% and turns at about 4 times the company rate, what's not to like? You just don't fucking get it. Yeah they repeated the program because it bombed in 2005. You are a fucking retard.

      Yeah you're "consistantly" stupid. NOTHING you post is accurate. And what kind of pathetic asshole brags on an internet chat board about his wealth? How fucking sad!

      As far as literacy goes, try "nada" you fucking idiot! NOTTA! FUCKING CLASSIC!

      I'm sorry you got fired, get over it.

    • Fagly, what's your fucking agenda?

      Under who's desk, or doing whose laundry, you $.05 a post, ass licker.

      The quarterlies on my 1000 don't even fill my tank for a month of your past year quarterlies.
      Where's the growth.....NOTTA. The only reason the price goes up a few pennies is TGT buying back it's go nowhere stock.....They HAD their history. Today they suck......

      Since last should try visiting China. That's where the labor is. Or don't you get out of your trailer park often? Get out of the country and educate yourself and quit cutting and pasting last years write ups from the Motley Fool.

      Target is full of you at the senior level. That's what is screwing 'em up.

      I'm consistent, I'm still bad mouthing this amway want to be, with their stock buy back losing business plan.

      I only hope you choke on it before your manfriend pulls it out. What a loser stickin' up for $.10 dividend. That will give you quarters for the fucking laundromat you frequent. Sniffin' those panties when no ones lookin'.

      How do you pay your NetZero account...Saving those green stamps, you illiterate, brain dead piece of buzzard choking road kill.

      Fagly, while you sit at the keyboard chokin' your chicken, try no to get the keys all sticky. You make no sense, which is reasonably expected from the lame ass excuse of a life you lead, in the shallow depths of your mind.

      You spell badly, also, you illiterate shit. How fucking sad your insignificant life must be while you recycle oil from you Ford Fairmont, while it sits on blocks aside of you single wide trailer.

      Been to any good 1.50 matinees lately, or do you just spend hours looking at your stolen Victoria Secrets catalog you got from your sister?

      By the way, get off your mother will you, she hates it when you're crushing her cigarettes.

    • Gee, that sounds a little familiar...

      Don't you have one fucking ounce of originality? I know you are so fucking stupid you had no alternative but to join the service.

      You should have been a lifer. That way the government and the taxpayers can take care of you forever.

      Boo hoo! TGT didn't recognize your genius. What with no training, no skills, no brain and no education, you should have gone to the top!

      You are a fucking loser. TGT wouldn't kiss you on the ass. Get over it.

    • Hey Fag. With every post, you parade your ignorance for all to see.

    • ignorance_is_not_an_excuse ignorance_is_not_an_excuse Mar 24, 2006 6:35 PM Flag

      What? Did you buy 1000 shares for $10 and then sell for $15? That must have paid for that case of Coke you're using to mix with the Jack. Question is, what penny stock did you pick up on the REALLY cheap to be able to afford the Jack?

    • FAGLY! How could you live in Texas? You have never even left you own county! Never been on a plane! What a fucking loser.

      You actually admit to putting "soda pop" in your Jack Daniels? FUCKING CLASSIC! What are you, 12 years old? What a fucking loser!

    • ignorance_is_not_an_excuse ignorance_is_not_an_excuse Mar 23, 2006 5:57 PM Flag


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