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  • oiladmirer oiladmirer Jul 18, 2007 11:47 AM Flag

    Target will not meet its July target

    after Target reported June "same store" sales at 3.3%, Target's worst monthly "same store" sales in years, Target had the audacity to predict that July "same store" sales would come in at 5.0% - 7.0% for July.

    after making this prediction, Target insiders have sold an enormous number of shares; and in such a short period of time.

    well here's some facts:

    U.S retail chain "same store" sales for the week ended 7/7 was 0.1% (horrible)

    U.S retail chain "same store" sales for the week ended 7/14 (just 4 days ago(was 0.3% (horrible)

    For you (un) believers, the source is:

    so for the first two weeks of July, U.S retail chain "same store" sales averaged an ugly 0.2%

    Based on this data, how can Target achieve its unrealistic prediction. Try to extrapolate the first two weeks of 0.2% to four weeks of 5.0% - 7.0%

    for you mathematicians, 5.0 percent (Target's low end forecast) / 0.2 percent (U.S. average through July 14) = an impressive 2500.00% improvement)

    Target will update its prediction for July sales on July 23 (just 5 days from now). Bet you they will lower guidance significantly. You have 5 days to take some profits. You have 5 days to sell and save some money.

    Look for more insider selling before the July 23 announcement!!!

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    • Keep em comimg, please. You are too funny.

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      • Who cares about their July target? Why would anybody pay more than 20 times earnings for a retail stock where margins are under attack? Walmart anyone? 16,000 prices lowered at Walmart today and you think Target isn't going to be marking down a lot of prices?

        Not to mention a U.S. Consumer that is totally bust and company executives who are unloading in droves. Wouldn't pay a dime more than 12 times earnings for this stock and that's being extremely generous.

    • LOS ANGELES, July 23 (Reuters) - Target Corp. (TGT.N: Quote, Profile, Research) said on Monday it still expects July sales at its stores open at least a year to rise between 5 percent to 7 percent.

      The No. 2 U.S. discount retailer first gave its estimate for July same-store sales -- a key measure of retail performance -- earlier this month. The company reports actual sales on August 9.

      might want to think about that statement a little more...are you in tuned with what the company's strategy is for Back to school sales- are you involved with the merchandising or marketing- easy to talk without facts... the company is going against 3.3% from last July- will obtain the 5-7% goal.... do your homework next time before you post

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      • yeah, you showed me!

        target's confirmation was based on actual receipts halfway thru July period.


        have you ever, ever heard target justify a sales confirmation / forecast based only on "actual receipts"...the answer is No, No, No.


        refer to 1st above: target used this terminology because it could, not because it should have (the comment was to made to mislead institutional lemmings and people like you)

        WMT's disclosure yesterday that it is significantly discounting prices on 16,000 prices during the last two weeks of the July reporting period and beyond will destroy target's ability to meet its sales goal.

        target will lower its prices to compete and this will destroy their July sales forecast; target's mgmt ain't stupid.

        even the proud and arrogant will enjoy saving a bit of their hard-earned money on 16,000 discounted prices at WMT.
        and the very proud and arrogant will also enjoy saving a bit of their hard-earned money on the soon-to-be discounted prices at target.

        target was and is aware of all this and that's why the wording of target's "sales forecast" statement was patently dubious.

        i am good should hire me as a consultant. i see the big picture.

    • So you know better than TGT?

      In case you didn't notice, and you never do, TGT outperforms the segment every month. Totla retail sales? Do you ahve any idea what makes up tthese #s? Of course you don't.

      ONCE AGAIN. Year after year TGT rewards their officers with options. And they excercise them. Year after TGT is the best managed retailer and out performs the rest.

      Last month TGT met expectations, as usual. T%GT beat WMT, as usual. and the stock price goes up, as usual.

      You are a retard.

    • I welcome your feedback!

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