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  • allmetal1 Dec 31, 2007 10:53 AM Flag


    GET all "alone" to DIE. JUST like ANNA NICOLE SMITH, the actress died, at the hands of TARGET'S doctor Kristine Erosevich,,, YOU read the reports ,, after getting the killing medicine from target's doctor ,, the actress died in an unflatering way in , lots of her own filth,,,, AND now its TARGET'S turn ,,, to wallow in its OWN filth!

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    • I didn't know Target had doctors dip.

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      • allmetal1 Jan 2, 2008 10:23 PM Flag

        Besides fleas, bigots, and highly insensitive management, yes target has and does pay doctors. I also seem to recall something about mini-clinics at some retail places ,, but i have no immediate way to check out if target is doing the mini-clinic thing. Doesn't matter all that much ,, erosevich got target's money too and gave the outdated and dangerous sleeping medicine no self-respecting doc would give to the actress,, and the actress is dead. One pharmacy refused to fill all the Rxs written by tgt's doc as being "unethical" or some such negative connotation,, and Rxs were filled in names other than Smith but Smith was the one they were for, ,and Smith took them ,,,the doc knew this and this is part of the Atty Genl investigation on-going in California. Look up anna nicole smith on Google or doc kristine erosevich for details,, instead of getting them from me,, personally for me any henchman at target is a hack by definition.

    • Sounds like you're a real target hater...You jewish? or just short the stock?

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      • allmetal1 Dec 31, 2007 1:02 PM Flag

        Target will get ,,, what target deserves. I wouldn't wipe my sweaty jock on this stock, and plainly I don't care too overly much if this stock is up,, down ,,, or side-ways. I stated target is a JEW hater. I stated I am Jewish. Let target find its own way to hell: I really don't have to help a whole lot: However, I will not give target a free pass as aa anti-semite. Incidentally , through S & P 500 clone funds I do own, unfortanely so, target stock, and I did try to undo this situation ,, but it is one of those things ,, that through a trust, and a trustee, and a market manager for the trust that the clone fund was bought, and after I checked the legal situation, I could not over-ride the trustee,, AS much AS I wanted to due to the fact that , I without my OWN choice ,, indirectly owned target shares. THIS is the comples world we live in. BUT again ,, however, I wish to take responsibilty for my own actions , as should target, which is a JEW hater. And I therefore hope other JEWS are alerted to the BIG-TIME bigot. If you doubt anything I have said,, please dont and as an example you have seen that the salvation army was banned from soliciting in front of target stores, and while I am not suggesting that the ban on the salvation army has anything to due with Anti-semitism ,, I am showing target's capricous and callous nature, and that it is not a stretch with just the out-ward known actions of target to come to the conclusion I have listed that this arrogant ,, bigot , target is anti-semitic. I have no use for target, and the stock very well could be a plague for anyone "short or long " in it,,, while I feel I would be happy to equilibrate to what I think is its true value,, namely much lower,,, there are many positives and other factors that could just as easily and readily make this stock much higher is price: therefore I do not believe target is a good "short" or long,, it having too many strong points that could be very unpredictible: I do own other "stocks" I feel have value: I do own commodities I feel have "value". TARGET??? I would be happy to "see" it dis-appear.

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