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  • pcrandallfinance pcrandallfinance Aug 13, 2010 11:10 AM Flag

    Target is Awesome

    I love the company, love the way they do retail... Love their management philosophy..... Go Target, help America defeat the liberal mindset. All homo sexuals to have any type of sex they want, but do not endorse or support the actions of a minute, sexual orientation.

    Go Target, Go America.

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    • I assume many in Target leadership cringe when they read their actions are being cheeered as helping defeat the liberal mindset." There are so many at Target who cherish their progressive image that they must be very uncomfortable with all this praise from the far right. Uff-da!

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      • The Far Right... Uff-da.... What a joke you are..

        Grow up and stand up straight. You are a product of no core values.

        The Far Right - if you mean the mentality of the people who built this country escaping tyranny and religious prosecution... Then I am Far Right.

        Extremist - doubtful -but in your mind, any rules on your behavior would be deemed foolish. Your parents should not have ever told you to make your bed or put on your seatbelt. Those constructive wise decisions would have no merit in your mind... When they instucted you hopefully they did so out of love and a higher power of wisdom.... The highest source I know comes from The Bible and the founders of America... Try reading the viewpoints of Washington, Jefferson, Hamilton, Franklin and even Lincoln and Reagan.... You will find a common theme... And if you find something contrary in the writings of Jefferson, read further, you will find that Jefferson was on the conservative team, he was simply a much deeper thinker.....He would have been more like the Apostle Peter or Paul rather than the apostle Luke....

        Stop criticizing the people who created freedom for you and start by digging in the understanding that there are people much wiser and much more in touch with what is right than you.

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