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  • jeromesch jeromesch Jan 31, 2011 9:23 AM Flag

    Target is Still an Extreme Right-Wing Company


    So if a company supports a candidate who doesn't share your views, that makes them extreme?

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    • When I shop, I don't want my money going to politicians. Stop giving money to the politicians. Either pay that money to the shareholders or cut your prices. None of my money goes to Target anymore, not one cent...

    • If a company doesn't want to be seen as political, it should stay out of politics. If Target doesn't want to alienate moderate shoppers, it shouldn't support these right wing politicians like Bachmann and Pawlenty. That's like supporting dictator Mubarak in Egypt.

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      • You didn't answer my questions. First, I asked for evidence. Second, I asked why it makes them "extreme" if they support policies that you don't support.

        I didn't ask if it's a good idea to support politicians, which I agree that companies have to be careful where they put their money. In this case, they put it (through a third party) toward business-friendly causess, not social legislation.

        And here's another question to really ask yourself if you've been making the argument that no public company should fund political campaigns: if they had put money toward Mark Dayton, would you have made the fuss like you have been about the donations to Emmer? If not, then you're a hypocrite.

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