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  • pdxguy1996 pdxguy1996 Apr 11, 2011 5:10 PM Flag

    Target named one of The Worlds Most Ethical Companies" for 2011

    Even though you won't see this, I am honored to be ignored by you, doug. Since you ignore reality. I wish you could point out the "garbage" I posted since it is all based in fact. When it came out about Target's actions in the last election cycle, I decided to make my views on that known on various social media sites so that it doesn't get swept under the rug if I can help it.

    And, once again for beh, Target's hypocrisy in touting it self as being more ethical than other companies, while underhandedly doing the same things other scummy companies do is why they are the subject of the boycotts. They outsource jobs to India, try to undercut the middle class by contributing to "pro-business" candidates, and are dragging a once great American brand into the mud with these actions. You can call me a "hater" all you want, but I am angry at what the current executives are doing to Target, a company I once respected, and enjoyed shopping at for over 20 years.

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