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  • pdxguy1996 pdxguy1996 May 23, 2011 8:26 PM Flag

    Target is no longer the "responsible" retailer

    Target sure has changed since the current executives took over. They used to be the responsible retailer but now they pull those same scams other large businesses do. They tout about all the great benefits that they offer, but will never schedule their employees enough hours to qualify for them. Even to the point they will hire more "less than part time" employees to avoid giving their current employees more hours. Just like Walmart, this article says employees have to take foodstamps to make ends meet.

    Yes they still make nice charitable donations, likely for the PR and tax write-offs, but they resemble the "evil" Walmart in other ways more and more, and Walmart makes millions in charitable donations as well.

    And now the unions are coming around. Looks like its going to bite them in the ass. Or maybe they'll just give Steinhafel another 80% raise.

    Since they have moved so far away from their image that was so successful in the past, as a consumer I will not shop there and as an investor I will send my dollars elsewhere.

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    • lefty haters can't change the facts.

      all of the injustice and evil in the US and you make Target your whipping boy?

      how pathetic. no wonder mainstream US doesn't take a thing you folks say seiously.......

      and what a suprise! you referenced your bible. the NY Times.

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