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  • kissmebigbutt kissmebigbutt Mar 7, 2012 8:09 AM Flag



    This HOMO crap is just that - BACK DOOR POLITICS OF THE WORST KING . They will NEVER STOP because these people are MENTAL CASES .
    Target is the best run store in the USA and now CANADA . Due to thier success , the MENTAL CASES are looking to DESTROY. They destroy with lies and stupidity. Target treats homos like any other but these mental cases want more.
    America has gone along with these MENTAL CASED HOMOS way too much . These MENTAL CASES whine and they get thier way . Then they whine some more . These are the kind of trash that will argue that it's OK to have HOMO sex in the men's bathroom and when they get that approved , they do it in the parking lot .
    This is a sick crowd - stop the MENTAL CASE HOMOS on every front . Do not let them teach thier filth saying thier lifestyle is equal or superior to normal people . Do not let them dictate what people are worthy to support . They are mentally DERAINGED .

    This topic is deleted.
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