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  • workmeharderplease workmeharderplease Jul 17, 2012 8:06 PM Flag

    Message from a pharmacist

    Hey Target bosses -

    Got a call down deep south to work at one of your stores today from a temp agency - guess what I told them? That since I am not good enough for you to hire me direct after talking to you several times by phone, I told them "no thanks!" just like I told the Southern area recruiter awhile back, that I would never even shop in a store ever again! Thanks for nothing, as I would rather go homeless than work anywhere for such a narrow minded french company that is so prejudicial as tarjey! Maybe I just open up an independent pharmacy right across the street and that would solve your issue of needing a 'temp' pharmacist there so much, sound good? :-)


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    • I love it . Someone doesn't want to hire you in the way you want to be hired and you get infuriated. Then, because a few call Target, "TARJAY" , you think it's a French company.

      My take - people at Target "dodged a bullit" by not hiring you.

      Part of the hiring process is a test to weed out people that won't be able to deal well with situations. Go ahead and open your own pharmacy. It may be your only hope for employment.

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      • I am a Vietnam vet and support the good works that Target provides to many good causes on an ongoing basis. I have 2000 shares of Target and have a Red Card - a big believer in what the company does for social causes, and believe shares will make a good gain long-term. Our local hospital asked to have our volunteer solicitors positioned at the entrance of some local stores and we were denied. This is common practice. Once you give an ok to one group you can't deny it to the KKK or any other group. Makes good sense. Target's guidelines, as indicated, don't provide for donations to a Vietnam-like causes. I am glad. Vietnam was a huge political mistake that I would prefer to forget. The wall in Washington is sad enough.

    • OK. Who cares what a prima donna cries about?

      Take the job and STFU

    • French company??? One of my relatives recently said she has friends that would never shop at Target because it is a French company. Some folks are not very bright. I was recently in France and never observed even one Target, probably because there are none there. Maybe Target really is headquartered in Minnesota, USA. I would encourage you to buy the stock. When they do branch out into a "ferrin" country like Canada, there could be lots of appreciation unless the whole country (USA) sinks into recession or worse.

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