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  • iluvwmt iluvwmt Mar 31, 2013 8:50 PM Flag

    Target not so great a place to work.


    One of the best takes on Target I have ever read!

    Jeff Sloan in Dallas, Texas said: Target would be a better place to work at if the Team Member weren't treated like slaves. Some of us learned new things took on more responsibilities thinking we were going to get promoted because they were leading us on, but only took advantage of us. I'm sorry but only getting 25-30hrs a week @ $7.15 - $8.16/hr and being talked down to by lazy TL's that pass their workload onto us is not worth it. If those of us that actually do our jobs and do the extras were compensated then yes it would be a good place to be at.

    Imagine being stuck there as a TPS for three years, being promised a promotion by both your ETL-AP and DAPTL at least three times, being expected to be one of four District Team Trainers, being hounded by your DAPTL to do the job of an ETL-AP when they finally get the sense to quit, and after three solid years of service, including cancelled vacations, being at work on my sister's graduation day, and being the top loss-recovering store in most of your state for eight months running (thanks to my hand-picked crew of competent personnel who were dumb enough to work for only a dollar above minimum wage), leaving at a pay rate of $9.83/hr.

    Once I hit year two, I did nothing for free. Every time someone had to call me on my day off to explain a policy, give work advice, or refresh training, I would fill out a punch correction. After all, I worked for that time spent on the phone. I can't tell you how many times I "worked" for ten minutes over the phone and was paid for four hours. Thank you, California Labor Laws.

    Don't get me wrong- ground level personnel at Target tend to be some of the most down-to-earth people to work with. There were several times I couldn't assist with investigations due to knowing the subject. The problem is in management. You are an asset to them; just another way they make money. If you don't perform up to expectations, you don't make enough money.

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