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  • big.yank big.yank May 5, 2013 7:26 AM Flag

    New, destructive Target retail strategy

    Target has so heavily trimmed its store labor that it is now often unpleasant and sometimes absolutely IMPOSSIBLE to shop there. Yesterday, Saturday @ 12:30 PM was the end... long lines at the registers, two cashiers with about 9 customers in line, each. Associates trying to buy lunch items on their break were going to the service desk to get rung out. This scenario has become the norm at Target... no help, no cashiers and dreadful customer service.

    When I got home I tried to register an online complaint, only to discover that the "contact us" link oin the Target website is only enabled to handle complaints or action relating to online orders. Nice. Just tune out the customers with a "drop dead" attitude of who cares.

    The lady in line in front of me left a basket including frozen and refrigerated items and stormed out of the store without paying. Others were complaining loudly about #$%$ Target." I just dropped my items at one of the idle registers... not hard to find one since that included most all of them... and left. I will not be back. Walmart was always cheaper, but now they are also BETTER (not great,but better than Target).

    Pitiful. This was like a throwback to the earlier disgraceful retail brands under Dayton-Hudson such as Venture Stores.

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    • It's tough always being right, but I am not surprised about sinking value, here.

      In retail, you abuse the customers, they extract a pound of flesh for your abuse.

      I hope these guys get it together before it is too late! Not looking good, though. J.C. Penney was a case study in paybacks if you mess up.

    • And this is different from Wal~Mart, their chief competitor, how?

    • Such a description ring a bell of the Woolworth stores of the past century! That was kabooooom after a decade long struggle in the final-phase. Wal-Mart from the bottom and AMZN from the top ... its like a virtual lathe-machine grip on the TGT! Oh where, Oh where its gonna fall now!

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    • oh goodness, yet ANOTHER retailer "workin" chatroom land to enhance his investment....

      lol with that. it hasn't been a very effective "investment" strategy.

      toooooo funny.....

      • 2 Replies to beh74hp
      • beh74hp: waste of time, but: The time for your "too funny", "too funny" ..."oh bunny" etc. :-) clamoring is over here now for the next four years! I suggest now you go laughing all the way back under the rock from where you crawled out earlier, to pump-up this stock at these bubble-valuation levels! LoL! :-) Your non-stop pumping here might have helped a few poor retailers to separate themselves from their hard-earned monies, at these sky-high valuations in TGT with clearly deteriorating picture ahead!

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      • Hate to burst your bubble but I am retired and own no retail stocks. I am, however, a consumer and I know terrible service when I see it. Just for the record, I have observed substandard service at the Target location in Somersworth, NH and Venice, FL, recently. SSDD. Busy stores, few cashiers, long lines, upset customers.

        Why does Target have no feedback link on its corporate website? Just one more indication of the apparent disdain they, like the posters on this board, have for the customer experience.

    • Venture Stoes was a May Company brand not Dayton Hudson. I was in my Target store here in Jacksonville, FL this past Saturday around 12;30PM. It was very crowded. When the check out lines started to get long, cashiers opened new check out lines and everyone was checked out very efficiently. There was pleasant help in all the departments and I was asked if I needed help in finding items 2-3 times. Your store must be unique and the manager will likely be fired soon because Target won't tolerate bad customer service..

    • LOL. You're so full of #$%$ it's coming out your mouth.

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