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  • jctuttle13 jctuttle13 Jan 26, 2014 10:42 AM Flag

    Any educated guesses on what target is going to offer per victim to settle the class action?

    My guess is $500/victiim that will be rejected by the class action members and the final award will be closer to $5000/victim.

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    • Based on previous fines it would be 300-500 Million. Double that to a billion. Based on 2012 revenue that would equal 5 days sales. Nothing, in other words.

      Hit to market cap is completely ridiculous, as is you estimate of $500Billion ish estimate.

      So easy to take money from folks like you.

    • They offered free credit monitoring to ALL customers, not just the ones affected so far. I don't know...110M customers, say 20% will sign up, and say TGT negotiated a cheap credit monitoring program at $20 per year, that is 400M in charges. Some analyst mentioned 40M cards need to be replaced at $10 per card, that is another 400M, but I have seen reports that 70 million cars need to be replaced, so replacement could be 700M.

      Hardship damages? Not sure...

      Punitive damages? Not sure...

      Decimated customer base which stopped shopping mid-season in December? Priceless.

      So, I can give you an educated guess on the low end - 1 billion in charges related to the breach, due to credit monitoring and card replacement. I have no ide what the high end will be. It is not important. The expenses are negligible when compared to the loss in revenue.

      I think that the loss of customer base is the key most important factor here. The bad PR does not help TGT here. No apology, no crisis management. They dared to offer a 10% off coupon....are they kidding? Other than this coupon and the credit monitoring, their strategy has been head-in-sand, hoping the storm will pass. But it won't. The fact that there a few other retailers in the same boat does not rectify their own situation, and does not ameliorate its severity.

    • Show proof that you were damaged and get 20% off purchases for 1 year.This is if you are lucky.Not saying its right but you know the drill.

    • Of course none of the 110M victims will ever get $5000 cash from target since they will have no choice but to file for protection.But they will get shares in the new target that may someday be worth $5000.

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