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  • elihu_yale elihu_yale Mar 2, 1999 1:50 PM Flag

    Tops Estimates


    DH posts strong quarter and beats Street estimates. Feature article at

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    • Go 100% in common stock fund you won't be sorry if you stick around for a few more years.I have 15000 fund shares,and growing.

    • That's right. DHC401K is an awesome plan. I work at T739 started the 401 103 weeks ago. I'm a level I and have 8100 in my 401 now. And I had most of my money in index funds, 20% in DH

    • Thought you might enjoy this:

      Foul cankering rust the hidden treasure frets,
      But gold that's put to use more gold begets.

      William Shakespere, Venus and Adonis, 1593

    • Kerri, looks like you had this one scoped out
      just right! I'm thawing out some crow right now so I
      can cook it up for dinner. Unabashed prognosticators
      like myself generally keep a large supply on hand for
      times like this.

      Don't spend it all in one

    • Check it out.

    • Your story is interesting. How does it turn out?
      And, how do I get to be the shark and eat everybody's

      DH may not be sharkproof, but for the time being, is
      pretty good at running and darting.

    • DH has a great 401k plan. DH common has been the
      way to fly - at least for the past three years. The
      DH common stock has out performed the other funds
      available in "the plan" by a very wide margin. Perhaps this
      may change in the future, but it doesn't seem

      Because of the constraints placed on entry and exit from
      the various funds, it certainly makes one think
      before hopping around too much. But the rewards are
      there for someone who can get in and out at the right
      times. I think you just proved that.

      (Chapter One)

      The Shark
      silently moved in for the kill. Then, without warning, his
      massive, powerful head emerged from the rubble which had
      only moments before been the floor of the New York
      Stock Exchange. The huge jaws opened to feed, and in
      the frenzy that followed first one floor trader, then
      another was devoured. "Their profits! Their profits!"
      shouted the anguished crowd! But the profits were gone,
      and so was the Shark. Back to the land where no
      trader dared follow. The land of bowling, and the land
      of dirt.


      The traders
      cleaned themselves and slowly returned to their positions
      on the trading floor. In what seemed like only a few
      minutes the scant remains of the unfortunates had been
      carted away, and the rhythm and general cacophony of the
      Exchange returned. Yes, on the surface all seemed normal.
      But it was not. For in their hearts, and in the other
      not so noble places where secret thoughts reside, the
      traders wept. For they knew too well, this would not be
      the last.

    • It was a lucky play that payed off,to get in and
      out of the fund is good and bad.So far this year has
      played out very close to last years ups and downs.DH
      401k plan is the best.99% of the time I am 100% common
      stock,but there is always a chance to gain a few more fund
      shares.I think someone on this board said 70 by april,they
      might be right if the market helps out.I think april
      may be a near term top until fall?

    • I couldn't agree more! DH even holds up well on
      days when the broader market is marginally down. The
      chart tells the story sooo well. Especially when I
      superimpose DH over Wal-Mart, the DOW, or the S&P 500. I'm a
      long term believer. My concern is the very near term.
      Specifically, this month. I hope the market proves me wrong.
      I'll actually be better off if I'm wrong! But I just
      can't shake these mean ol'down turn blues.

      term DH rocks!

    • Saw your post yesterday. That was a quality play!
      If you don't mind my asking, were you "selling the
      fact", or was it something else that tipped you

      I'd give it a 9.9 for artistic talent and a 4.01(k)
      difficulty multiplier for a grand total of 39.699 points. No
      doubt about it, you're going to the bonus round.

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