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  • djhmk2 djhmk2 Jun 19, 2011 3:42 PM Flag

    Will illegal shorting help reverse anti-China

    Although shorting is not a directly related issue for AMCF. The anti-China stock bubble burst may be aided by illegal shorting:
    From DEERS's 8-k. Alfred using prepaid phone cards. Quoting Chinese officials who do not exist...sounds like our famous "shop owner"


    The Company believes that “Alfred Little” is a fictitious character - a disguise used by one or more illegal short sellers in the short sale scheme against DEER and other public companies. According to our investigation, “Alfred Little” is not a real person. His “professional biography” published on his website and on was fabricated, with the purpose to mislead and defraud the investing public. “Alfred Little’s” published biography includes claims that he had years of experience as an auditor at Deloitte, worked for large global companies and had years of investment experience in China, published a book on China, etc. cannot be verified. Further, in the attack on DEER, “Alfred Little” published a 3 month old prepaid phone card that was never used as his purported contact number for concerned investors. In addition, “Alfred Little” quoted statements from several Chinese government officials as witnesses to support his various false allegations against DEER. These Chinese officials in fact do not exist. “Alfred Little” further made false allegations on his “channel checks” of Chinese retail stores while he failed to disclose his naked short positions in DEER and ignored DEER’s repeated public disclosure about the Company’s product distribution process as well as its corporate structure. “Alfred Little’s” various articles, timely published in collusion with short sellers who immediately sold large blocks of DEER’s stock in market orders that intentionally created fear in the general public to drive down DEER’s share price. Short sellers have profited handsomely at the expense of DEER’s thousands of shareholders. DEER will continue its vigorous investigation and discovery of the network of illegal short sellers that have damaged the reputation and destroyed value in U.S. listed public companies.

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