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  • misterfastidious misterfastidious Aug 25, 2011 4:14 PM Flag

    P/E of 1.5 market cap $12 million hmmm

    So if you take the cash on hand, $6.5 million and add it the LOWEST yearly projection of $5 million in profit, you get $11.5 million

    So in one year the company would have the entire market cap of their company.

    It's really something to see. I'd say im surprised, but than again I did witness crazy prices in March 2008. Oh well.

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    • I'm with you, since the stocks I bought at the 2008 lows, returned 500% on average.

      Maybe AMCF and many others will too...

      Maybe by buying in March of next year???

      Who knows?

      Seeing that the vast majority of Chinese mico-caps missed by as much as 80% this quarter is depressing.

      That being said, the survivors - such as AMCF - could easily go back to a P/E of 5. That's a 500% return.

      The question, as always, is in timing one's buys correctly.

      Insiders going all in would be one clue - but, as yet, they are not.

      The other clue would be to see advances overwhelming declines. Watch this site:

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