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  • davidf104 davidf104 Mar 19, 2013 2:14 PM Flag

    Spoon Feeding Those Shares Wook?

    You are the only one I know who refuses to acknowledge PPHM has been dead money since March 13th.
    Try an IV drip; it will allow you to get some much needed rest.

    From: A realist who saw this coming; rather than the short that you claim I am.

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    • Would you please quit telling everyone how smart you think you are? I've made good and bad trades but you seem to think if we would all listen to you we would always win.You change like the weather but bear with us mere mortals! Hate to badmouth but are you really so insecure that you have to post your savvy trading skills to impress no one.Well,apparently you're pretty impressed with yourself.No one else is.Trade well.

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    • You're blocked and I refuse to read your stupid posts any longer. Hopefully you feel rich today because the pain is FAR from over. They're just effing with you.

    • David,
      Am I the only one?
      I don't mind shorts and I don't know what your actual position is on this stock. Shorts trading the stock are fine by me. I am too scared to mess with them as I feel there could be news that moves the stock upward at anytime more than horrible news.
      I don't like double talk, that's all. Say what you mean and mean what you say.
      You made great calls, good. You also throw some firm language, it's like you think you know 100%. I type we have the reversal beginning....let's see how "dead" this stock

      Like I said "dead" money to me means there is no catalyst in the near future. I feel as though you are "dead" wrong.
      Good Luck with your trading and I hope we can come to an understanding on our positions.
      Ying and Yang are the basis for everything....

      I'm not here to fight useless fights....just want to keep it real.
      Heck, I even appreciate the posts by Antwann / Evora doozy and keeps us longs on our toes. I will always try to either confirm what they say, as in Evoras Phage post or call out an obvious bash, which there have been plenty. I always say they walk backwards through life with this stock and never care to peek at what may be in PPHMs future...

      I hope for a cancer treatment that doesn't hurt or kill the patients they treat. I invested in something I see as having a very good chance. You are here for the money only. That is fine, I will; however, protect my dream when I feel it is being attacked without merit.

      PPHM has a troubled past, also shows a promising future.


      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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