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  • asmarterwookie asmarterwookie Apr 23, 2013 8:52 AM Flag

    SQWACKKK...evrybuckhelps...sqwack....nothing to see here sqwack sqwackk sqwackkk

    SQWACKKK...evrybuckhelps...sqwack....nothing to see here sqwack sqwackk sqwackkk
    anyone saying something SQWACKKK is lying..SQQWACK...nothing sqwack to Sqwack see SQACKKKK here...
    ROTHFLMAO at his troll!!!!!! SQWACKKKKKKK!! lol more feeding the animal(s).....


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    • Hey Wookie,

      Who made you the hall monitor of truth on this board?

      The cr@p you post here won't fly on iHub. I recommend you have someone who doesn’t know you that well to read your posts and give you some honest feedback on what they see. #$%$ is SQWACKKKKKKK!! and jackwad? For an investor of 15 years you sound like a 3 year old in need of a diaper change.

    • IMO you seem agitated. He might not agitate if you might not predict so much. Just a thought.

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      • NAh...just laughing at his nonsense.....what should we do? Sit around and talk about knitting? Maybe other stocks? How about make up lies and half truths like the jackwads, are you a jackwad?
        Thanks almost9lives but this board is for discussing PPHM the stock and the company and it's biologic drug pipeline.....AND it's prospects and future.
        The longs will pontificate, discuss and predict all day long and it for good or bad...not just SQWACKKKKK.....well sperminator SQWACKKS..but that's another story...
        That's all......

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

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