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  • asmarterwookie asmarterwookie Apr 25, 2013 8:51 PM Flag

    Concerning my call to IR today...

    The facts is that a dose switch did occur and the person who is accused is lawyered up. May she did switch the 1mg/kg and Placebo label data base by accident. I RESCIND MY INTENTIONAL AS FACT and Place IMHO on that topic.
    The conversation did not include a "STOP PESTERING US" attitude. The conversation did include the notion that the dose switch was in the legal sytems hands which need to be completed as we are seeking monetary damages. An angry crowd of vigilantes will not help.
    The dose switch investigation has created a blueprint so it does not happen in a PIII.
    IMHO......a Phase III for Bavituximab is all but approved by the FDA.

    9 lives I appreciate you paraphrasing my's what you mocking bird clowns do...ake someone elses words and manipulate to suit your own needs.. I was going to copy and paste the post but remebered what happens when I try that and have not had time as ihub was having serious discussions on my post about the call.


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    • robertwagoner Apr 28, 2013 3:02 PM Flag

      WOOK IT UP BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    • Okay, right, got it. Thanks for the update. Lol. If in fact you were told these things then we find the company, once again, in violation of their fiduciary duties to shareholders. At the very minimum a press release should've been done. What really should have happened was shareholders demand a conference call just on this one topic. Until we see either happen we do not believe a word of it.

    • "An angry crowd of vigilantes will not help."

      You're the one stoking up the torch bearing crowd for a march on Frankenstein Castle! Your post of Apr 2, 2013 9:32 AM shows no IMHO. Once again you prove to be more of a detriment than asset to the board.

      The email was not me it was to another long time PHM holder.
      There is no question that the doses were switched, which is an intentional act.
      The only question at this point is why.
      Anyone saying it could have been accidental is simply not telling the truth.

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      • OK, should have said imho....
        It was not an accident imho.
        Anyone saying it was an accident is lying imho.....
        The lawyers and entity who marked her have made sure it will always be an "accidental switch" imho
        Bavituximab 2nd Line PIII approval is all but approved by the FDA and there is a blueprint to prevent any such tampering in the future...IMHO


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    • If you read my post correctly it involved reading YOUR post on IHUB FIRST! Then I added my belief. Your very first paraphrase of conversation with IR had them telling you"... that getting investigative reporters and constant emails and calling are creating a distraction and will not help." Where the hell is the FBI? Were you not one of several who espoused that this basically was tantamount to espionage and you were damned fire sure all parties involved were going to get theirs?(my words) I will bring up as many posts by you as necessary to back up post about your declaration of multi-party investigation. My point in posting was to give readers on Yahoo! an intimate view of PPHM IR and their responses to questions asked by shareholders.And you wook,again with the high school name-calling just cements my belief you have not a clue about bios, et al involved with potential cancer treatments. Wook it up all you want. I give readers a chance for more DD(your IR conversation). PPHM is the real deal? I hope they,and others, create marvelous new therapies/drugs before my time is out. Try re-reading some of your own posts and get back to me, if you wish. GL 9

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      • 9, sorry to hear about your family history with cancer.
        IMHO there was intentional switching in the beginning phases of the trial by switching the placebo and 1 mg/kg. I now believe it cannot be proven, It does not mean I don't believe it.
        I usually post imho but I miss it sometime.
        I see no posts from you with any DD so until you provide any info, your posts against me are moot and simple attacks.
        Like I said, you have aligned yourself with the obvious posters who do nothing but bash and have posted obvious untruths about this company.


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