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  • clintjharris clintjharris Nov 5, 2013 11:41 AM Flag

    Long term supporter has had enough!!!

    I've been holding this darn stock for 2 years… every month…. hoping it sky rockets. I've missed out on the entire bull market and opportunity costs have mounted as well as the plunging stock price of PPHM. I'm calling it quits. It is only 20,000 shares… but I'm out. Hoping for base hits from here on out. I wish everyone else a lot of good luck.

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    • You might recognize my name from similar posts several weeks ago. Maybe not. I tried to help folks with my story and advice.

      But congrats to you on finally doing what was extremely hard for me to do. To the rest of you. Get out... And invest somewhere else. At least if you pick something else it might go up. Don't you all wish we were in OXBT over the last two days? We would have all made up all of our losses on this piece of junk. I really hoped a year after PPHM's black monday that it would be back up there somewhere over 3. But holy #$%$. It's about as bad as it was that black week. Ugh.

      Be wise. Get out. And trust me I'm not short on this thing. I would be if I could but my Merrill Edge account won't allow me to short it.

      Good luck. Let's see what Twitter is going to do this week.....

    • Thank you. PPHM IS A FRAUD ! This is LEGAL crime in this country. Until that is addressed, this #$%$ will continue.

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      • "Fraud" is a strong word and probably overstated considering shareholders are/were perfectly satisfied with having little to no representation. Techniclone/Peregrine is a glorified lab doing interesting science, in our opinion. And with a neatly installed lapdog board that has little to no bio experience, King can say and do just just about anything he wants while the Chairman plays dumb. Also, we have never come across another company where an ex employee in a lawsuit said that management didn't care about shareholders. They must be out there but we haven't come across one.

        It's not too late to get smart and demand the facts about just how many "we're in talks" actually occurred over the years and to what degree, the truth on the botched trial, the loan rescinded, who owns all these ATM shares, whether the bylaws and lopsided voting powers are proper, and the job functions of 180 people. Wise up people!

        All just our opinion, of course, based on material posted on these boards and other sites.

    • I'M about with you. No news from EU. or Sidney meetings.NO NEWS ANYWHERE. Slow bleed off. ANY IDEAS LONGS?

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    • I think you made a wise move. I will be out of PPHM soon. I am still willing to give it till the end of the year. I think there is a slight chance that they would partner before starting the P3.

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      • I'll be doing the same. I don't want to be here for 10 years complaining about all the reverse splits and dilution. Lytle and King need to move on with their lives. And so do shareholders. How many other biotechs have 2 Ph3 trials ready to go, a revenue stream and yet have a $200M market cap (that gets smaller every day)? Sure, great science but they are incapable of monetizing.

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