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  • jcmoneystox jcmoneystox Apr 18, 2014 11:31 PM Flag

    Why Front-Line NSCLC failed, Fidooz...

    Carboplatin reduces the effectiveness of bavituximab by suppressing PS exposure. When combined only with taxane based chemotherapy, the results are staggering. It's why the Her2-Neg breast IST results in combo with only Paclitaxel have been so effective and why the Docetaxel regimen in 2nd line NSCLC will be the new SOC in 2016. It's really that simple.

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    • His initial assertion is incorrect. Frontline NSCLC Bavit trial DID NOT FAIL. It just so happened that control group had the longest MOS in history. Just another anomaly in "The Adventures of Peregrine"!!!!


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      • Good point Wook...failure is subjective as to what you had hoped to accomplish and what happened. No PPHM trial has failed, even the pnacreatic at least still beat the SOC by several weeks even with a sicker population of patients to work with, just not by enough of a margin to go to further trials in that indication at this time. However, all other trials showed outstanding performance, even the so called "botched" trial compared to SOC. The end result is still the same, we got to Phase 3 FDA approval and had a Fast Track designation added on to boot. I would hardly call that a failure. I swear, these bashers here can look at a cat and would call it a small elephant and hope people are stupid enough that if they just keep saying it, they would eventually get on board and call it an elephant as well. The sad part is that for the weak minded, it actually works. For them I say, don't be a mindless follower, do some actual reading and make up your own mind.

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    • Thanks Jcmoney. Yes that's the patent answer. But we all know if it was that simple the share price would be far north of here. It's never made sense to us that Carboplatin should suppress PS while taxanes do not as both promote cell death through interference. Please provide a good explanation for this if you can. But either way, we think our idea that patient resistance and timing is key to Bavi's efficacy.

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      • To Us Who? Different Drugs have different mode of action...go check it out...
        Or Ask the "we" to check it out...

        Bavi will eventually become 1st line treatment & possibly plus conjugation with most effective Chemo...
        So all "we" saying about effect of Chemo on PS exposure, resistance, and mor BS, are jut the latter..

        Your knowledge of cell programind/death and the various possible mechanism are highly Supperficial...

        You can cut and pace...but that what give you and the "we" away as pure bashers with little or no undrestanding of what is going on here...

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    • The results will be in three years from now April 2017 will see you then!!

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    • A great the hedge fund paid stock bashers would prefer to ignore

    • Fidoo is currently dreaming up some way to twist this around in a negative way with half-truths

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