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  • classactionlawsuitsonnakedshrts classactionlawsuitsonnakedshrts Jul 30, 2009 9:16 AM Flag

    SOL should be trading in the $ 20s.

    If the market was fair lil BUSH and it did not contain crooked hedge funds in deals with the mafia and Illuminati that can issue as many naked shares as they want until and if the SEC ever does anything about the naked shorting, (I don't know like admit it is illegal for one) and then prosecute and place huge and I mean huge finds that cost more then they could make on their short positions. A % fine according to how many fake shares they sold short!

    If no naked shorting yes SOL would be in the 20's

    Palm would be in the 60's instead of 35% short and another 20% in naked shorts!

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    • In the $20's by the end of the year? hahahahahahahahaha. Please! Don't believe the hype.

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      • I agree with that there is a huge problem with naked shorting but the problem is with the unaccounted shorting.

        Sort of phantom shares being sold and they do not even show up on any regulatory agency's radar as they are pushed through the broker ID at the exchange.

        You know that the brokers license out their internal exchance ids to the hedgies so they can fast trade without anyone able to trace where the trades are coming from.

        This can work both ways. When the stock gets bullish it will not be catchable by the retail investors. Even if they chase it they will not be able to catch it.

        Just look at Trina. It started to run from 5s and has kept going. And, shaken out the weak hands/retail investors along the way. Probably it is mostly in the hands of the hedgies now.

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