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  • mikeyoo88 mikeyoo88 Aug 5, 2010 2:45 AM Flag

    SolarKimChi - SOLF


    Are you a Han or a Manchu??
    Many Taiwanese who fled to Taiwan after being defeated by Mao
    were the remnant of late Ching Dynasty Manchus.

    It might be little surprising to you but if you are Manchu, you are directly related to Korean.

    Part of the Korean clan in Manchuria named Aisin Kiori(Korea was known at the time as "Kori")
    unified Manchuria in about middle of 1600 and marched into Ming dynasty who were
    at the time suffering economic collapse brought by the military assistance to Korea
    who were at the time battling the unified Japan.
    Manchu Empire offered help brother country but Korea declined saying
    "we don't want help from brothers who became barbaric"(by barbaric, they mean,
    Manchu is not interested in Confucianist ideal but only interested in military campaign).
    Much like present day North Korea.

    Manchu then crushed Ming dynasty and found Qing Dynasty by Emperor Kang-Hi.
    Emperor Kang-Hi said his ancestral lineage goes back to Korea and ordered
    compilation of massive historical books called "secret Manchu history"
    If you are Manchu, you are directly related to Korean.
    Well even if you are Han, you are still related to Korean because
    Chinese from ShanTung province and up and Korean are genetically identical.

    Empires come and go and also shrink and expand.
    We don't know how many and where they were exactly because history is written by the winners.

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