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  • plashadpobedy plashadpobedy Jun 22, 2011 10:00 PM Flag

    Some positives of Chinese solars....

    Pasted from the FSLR board.....

    "I am not "against" FSLR. I work in the solar industry and see first hand what is happening with pricing and selection of modules by integrators. I think FSLR has peaked. The main reason is that the most important value of a project is the $/kWh or LCOE value. FSLR may have more inexpensive modules than the c-si companies - but the modules are only one component of the system cost. Lower efficiency modules require more area per installed capacity, more racking (which is becoming an issue as steel prices increase), and more wiring (copper) than higher efficiency c-si modules. The system cost difference is about negligible now between a CdTe and an c-si system due to the increased BOS costs of CdTe and the continuing reductions in polysilicon costs. And, yes, FSLR may increase efficiencies in the future, but so will (and have) the c-si companies (see the new Black Pearl product by STP). Also, FSLR panels are not bankable by the mainstream lenders - that's why FSLR is using on-balance sheet financing for many of its projects. They can't keep doing that forever. The shift that is occuring is away from thin films of any type to c-si panels - particularly the Chinese manufacturers.

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