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  • michaelpaschal03 michaelpaschal03 Aug 27, 2012 10:45 AM Flag

    We are doomed. No recovery for years.

    It will drain out day by day. We will not see a green day until it hits $.50

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    • Thanks, I agree with you that SOL is a short term play. But I also don't care if the stock goes down to 1.30 or not because these are short term changes that do not affect my LONG term outlook. Your correct in thinking next year will be better, that's why I'm buying now. GL

    • Then my apologies to you Garrigan. I figured you were tfuture/candbo with another Id/Monniker. I actually agree with you to an extent. Of course now the grand pumper "tfuture" has lowered expectations to 1.40-1.80...WOW tough call there....thanks genius.

      I expected the drop into the 1.40s (no big deal anyway) and in fact if it drops a little more. I would be a buyer for either short or long term. I dont always hold for long term...because right now the visibility sucks....its actually probably better a short term play until after Q1 next year (just a rough guess). I would be a buyer in this 1.40s/1.30s area for a run at 2.00 again. Next Q and probably Q4 wont be pretty although they are improving in some areas. You have to understand Tfuture has come on other boards with multiple IDs bashing other solars and trying to bash others and get them to jump aboard the SOl train. Anyone who did, and took his awful advice (as he has routinely done may times in the past to heart) got burned. Eventually it wont matter many solars will look better next year barring other events beyond our control. Some consolidation might actually be good here for the industry. STP and LDK in big trouble...way too much debt.

      ***Tfuture said all chinese companies are scams on the CSIQ board and "CSIQ is Chinese according to him", even though their HQ is in Canada. I am not arguing they have manufacturing in different areas including Canada/China...just making a point.

      Good luck Mr. Garrigan

    • TFUTURE SAID its not a Chinese company, its a USA would not know this from the CC when they needed an interpreter for every question. LMAO

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