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  • lovunaz lovunaz Sep 13, 2013 11:57 AM Flag

    70Mil offering and stock down over 30% from last week high. Rediculous

    I don't know when this thing will gain some strength again, but it sure looks very weak right now. The selling is nonstop on every pop. $5 becomes too hard to reach now.
    Even SUNE trade above their offering price, and SOL trade over 10% below that $4.67 price.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • actually SUNE didn't price the offering 15% in the hole anyway and did not need to attract investors by issuing additional free warrants. Also SUNE didn't dilute shareholders by up to 23%.

      so when taking the dilution into account at $4.25 the stock is exactly priced like just ahead of the offering

    • well look at the bright side. SOL's F3's said they wanted 120Mil, so they are just going for 70mil....unless that means they will do more later.

    • If you noticed SOL was under heavy selling for several days prior to secondaries. This action was nothing more than a short sell against the box i.e. those secondary buyers shorted the stock being aware that they can cover using shares issued by the company. As always some crooks joined the party. That is why so huge overreaction that in turn opened a rare buying opportunity. Even brief overview SOL and e.g. YGE indicates that if YGE priced right in 5.60, SOL should be 10 at least. SOL was laggard for a long time, then caught up a pack. Now it is again a laggard. As I stated earlier it will take form several days to several weeks, may be a couple of months to speed up a pack again. 70-80% probability that SOL will pre-announce next earnings beating a guidance both in revenue and GM. The next round of earnings will start in a months while pre-announcement will follow in a month and half i.e. in 6-7 weeks. To this time the stock will be in $6 range at least. Then it will pop to $7.5-8 overnight and fast leaps to 9-9.5 within next several days. This is how I see SOL development.

    • A deliberate and foolish decision.

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      • if you can read charts a current SOL trading pattern is a classical pros. short covering while holding the price down. Since SI grew dramatically for the last several days it should covered slowly and reliably - takes time. The best decision now - JMHO is buying call options that are extremely cheap. Yesterday and today was actually panic option sell off. I bought a lot April 2014 and Jan 2014 calls. If things go as I count it is gonna be 5-10 fold gain.

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