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  • walsingmalinda walsingmalinda Apr 20, 2010 3:23 PM Flag

    CEF Connect Reports ROC

    nav...Welcome to the world of the retired. We own shares in 14 CEFs and ETFs. We invest in those that are income producers, including PTY, EAD, CGO, AOD and others. We try to not go over 10% of our holdings in any one fund. We changed our way of investing after the tech bubble broke in 2001. At that time we had mostly pfds and corp bonds. It seemed like all we had at that time either went junk bond status or the bottom fell out. The only pfd we own now is public storage. We were victims of MCI; joined the lawsuit against that one and got our last check 2 weeks ago. We now mostly avoid single company stock. We don't feel so vulnerable with CEFs. Good luck to you. retiredafe8

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    • Hello retiredafe8:
      Just read your reply. Thanks for the input. Nervous about the market and the IMPACT of our incompetent POLITICIANS.
      With Mr. B screwing the seniors and the few other savers, nothing much left to look forward to. Hanging on to a few CEFs for monthly income and day-trading a few low priced stocks that have decent ATRs. Rest in money-market, not knowing when interest rates are going to spike!
      All the best

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