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  • jforuus jforuus May 29, 2013 12:03 PM Flag

    Retirees this is to the IDIOTS of this BOARD and IDIOT FUND MANAGERS

    Dow is up 16% for the YTD.

    PTY is down 6% for the YTD, PPS wise.

    Add the distribution and if you by luck or plan did not use the DRIP have 3% before taxes.

    PTY has cost you over 20% in decline.

    Please share such topics of conversation at the dinner table.

    BIll Gorss and Mo E. ability to make sound decisions should be under question. Many obviously have lost confidence in the team called PIMCO.

    I am engineer and if you guys need help and need for me to teach you how to punish collusion among brokers to help you capitalize for your current and longtime investors, call me. I charge and we need to fire a few of your current team members. There is something called the laws of convergence and divergence.

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    • You engineer, Me Tonto. You speak foreign with tongue, maybe dumbfuckastan.

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      • Flash news dumfuckastan just realize fund go from $22 to $18 in 8 days while entire market, up or down 25% also?

        They are stealing from you.

        Please share this thread for others to laugh and spread the message to ABANDON THE PIMCO SHIP of colluding brokers.

      • don't be angry at me keemosabeeee!! lol

        blame will, mo and hansie mne in $10K suits for F'ng your accounts over into the -20% range for the year.

        now you go squat sqaw and mail them in brown bag present of chocolates and thank them for making big account into smaller account while they live fat off buffallo and you eat small squirrel.

        good journey pale man. :)

      • Curl, I thought we agreed to put each other on "ignore", I viewed this board before I signed in and saw your post. lol

        So I will reply.

        1. The JERK are you PERMA BULLS who after seeing this ticker on a decline and loosing out to the major indicies (spell and grammar check me) insist that BILL GROSS, MO and HANSIE actually merit a salary the size they are receiving. Get off his nut and ask him to MAN UP and start EARNING what he is cashing from investors.

        2. Village IDIOT? hhahahaha!! If there is a new definition for idiot, they yes. A person who does not invest in a ticker that is underperfroming the rest of the market by a -20%!!! YES I AM THE IDIOT, THE VILLAGE IDIOT. hahahahah!! while your bleeding out in the RED for YTD and wearing the honor badge!! Way to go GOVERNOR! your believe in a fund manager that refuses to punish the collusion that SURROUNDS his fund families. If BIll GROSS, Mo and HANSIE are HONEST men looking out for ALL of their clients and not treating them like GOLDMAN SACHS MUPPETS (another great pedigree fund exposed as being nothing more then abusing their clietns, that never happens?! hahahha!) they had over a year to capitalize on it. Ummn, what is the amount of time a fund manager needs to give to the SEC to declare intentions to sell shares? Give us some real information instead of the 4th grade lunch room barbs you fling to anyone trying to expose a lousy TEAM. Just Saying! :)

        3. Tell us the page number on the prospectus you can find out the flow of money in/out of the fund?

        4. Explain to us how you have a CEF which issues new shares every month? hahahahha!!!

        Signing OFF

        VILLAGE IDIOT ! Cheers mate! Hopefully you and the PIMCO team do not run out spending OUR money. F it ! Get the 2003 Dom, Vintage my SSSS!! lol

        All day and all night until this team burns to the ground and starts doing right by its investors, knowing the collusion my money is on them burning into the ground, FASTESTway for WALL ST. CROOKS to extract cash.

    • You really are a major jerk. Your verbal masturbation is making you into the undisputed village idiot.

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