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  • g_gekko_2000 g_gekko_2000 Jan 26, 2000 11:31 AM Flag

    SHORTING THIS BLOATER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Greetings Cretins,
    FYI: shorting 1000 shares at $175!!!
    GO PRVW!!!
    Gordon Gekko 2000

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    • Gekko: are you claiming that you have already
      shorted 1000 shares at $175 or that you are going to when
      it goes back up? It is SO easy to make such a claim
      at 11:31 am when the stock is at 158 and has already
      traded as high as 177 much, much, earlier in the day. If
      you shorted at 175 why didn't you mention it two
      hours ago. I could claim to have shorted 10,000 at 177
      if I wanted to pretend to be a genius. So I will ask
      nicely, since you are posting here anyway, tell us your
      exact entry point (time, date, amount, etc.) and, if
      you cover, please tell us when you do or soon
      thereafter (not a few hours after the stock has risen
      strongly). This is the only way you will even gain a
      semblance of credibility here. I doubt anyone believes you
      at this point.

      Finally, and this is to
      everyone, is it really possible to short ITRU? I was under
      the impression that the float is still low and that
      this might not be possible. Anyone who knows something
      about this, I'd like to know what the real story is as
      well as when we might be able to trade