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  • disk_investor2 disk_investor2 Jul 8, 2004 4:19 PM Flag

    Hey Dick Infestor, must be hard being

    You might want to go thru all your fan mail by reading this post.

    Notice how many times word like liar, moron etc come up in the posts>

    BTW, that's less than half of the ones I came up with in less than 30 minutes.

    Would you like to see more?

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    • XM

      Like I told that was just a partial list of posters who think you are the biggest jerk around. I didn't even include any posts from myself, vikes, buymorestox, and your fan club on the STX board.

      Like I said I could have easily doubled the size of the list!

      Did I tell you to get some professional help or ESAD????


    • You might want to consider whether I think you and your multiple ids' opinions amount to a hill of horse manure to me, especially given you "due diligence" record of total disasters. Even after you were given clear unassailable facts you just lie to yourself and others. First fact was a severe drop in ALPs head shipments because of a head media problem. Second fact was the rapid increase in outside media buys by MXO immediately after the ALPs problem. Third fact was the product quality issues resulting in taking back product from OEMs. Fourth fact, external media purchases accellerated. Fifth fact, warranty expense shown on the income statement was less than actual warranty expense paid out on returned products artificially boosting gross margins which still fell. Sixth fact, manufacturing ramp in media didn't materialize as fast as expected. Seventh fact, manufacturing start up in China burdened the company with expenses with no immediate return. Eight fact, price aggressive behavior in enterprise invited STX to retaliate. Ninth fact, cost structure is the highest in the industry. Tenth fact, STX decided now was the time to regain OEM share from MXO. Eleventh fact, MXO does the swan dive into an empty pool being unable to compete on price with STX or WDC and being in the midst of media manufacturing problems that are only now being resolved and a China manufacturing start up. Twelth fact, WDC taking share in consumer and SATA with a better cost structure. How many facts do you need to have pointed out to you before you realize that earnings have to be revised downward?? Or are you just like the little kid who hides from reality by putting the blanket over his head?

      What's next? MXO finally gets its media operations back up and running and starts reducing purchases from KOMG in favor of cheaper (no gross margin) internally produced media. HGST ramps their own media plant in China and slows purchases from KOMG. STX also is expanding capacity and will slow purchases. WDC has been forced to rely on Showa and Trace while KOMG shoved them aside and will like be slow to come back. So KOMG earnings estimates will come down for Q3 and beyond. They may even miss this quarter unless MXO was committed to buy and ate it in inventory.

      When faced with all these facts and no intelligent rebuttal what do you do? Make up lies and call people names and above all lie, lie, lie. Your Mom must be quite proud of you.