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  • biobuck biobuck Aug 19, 2005 2:17 PM Flag



    You get very defensive whenever we talk about trader. uummmm

    By the way, you get a rec very fast within 1 min of posting.. We know trader likes to do that and he has many many IDs....

    GO MXO!

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    • I see short term (weeks) weakness for the market but long or intermedium term (a few months) bullish. I even believe nasdaq composite will be above 2500 (2500-3000) in the next year or so.

      The reasons are of course from my charts. ;-) But I don't think analysts are all pumped up for the tech yet. I know the general public are still on the sideline. When analysts as well as the "crowd" are 60-70% into tech and we should be careful. The market wants to go up in spite of $60 oil. The fact nasdaq is not below 1800 when oil is above $60 is a very bullish sign. Nobody would have believed the market being at this level if you told them a year ago that oil would be at $60. The high oil price merely slowed the market's advance. Once oil price comes down which I think it will , this market will head much higher. A wall of wary is good for the market, it is when no wary that we are in trouble.

      Dell's problem is intel specific and is due to the "AMD effect". Dell is an intel only shop and it suffers due to lack of competitive products(i.e AMD powered PCs and servers). Strangely I know a lot fo AMD's fundamentals now after owning AMD for 2+ years. Just look HP's result, the whole PC inductry was not down. It is only Dell and Intel were having bad numbers. HP, NVDI, SUN.. all doing great because they USE AMD products. Q3 and Q4 should be even worse for DELL and Intel. Heck since both intel and dell weigh heavily on the indices, no wonder the market is weak. That is why I am not really worried about the PC inductry at all. BUY on the weakness!!

      GO MXO!

      "analysts (IMO) got a little 'over-exhuberent' in their expectations for the second half of the year. As chip and other companies put in rather uninspiring returns, I'm afraid anything to do with computer hardware is likely to suffer."

    • illgo,

      Could you please share the reasons why are you bearish on the sector, if you don't mind? Are your bearishness based on TA or FA? or both? Thx!

      Go MXO!

      "....I'm bearish on the sector right now? (WDC inclusive)"

    • " Well you've been calling me a "paid pumper" or "company shill" for the last 12 months..."


      FYI-Up until last week, I have not been posting on this or any disk drive board for sometime!

    • "I post under one ID..., while *YOU* sir use a dozen or more aliases."

      Yea, right!

      "What exactly is it that *YOU* do here?"

      I keep the board honest from all the scam artists, paid pumpers & bashers, pitchforks, con men, hedgies, banker BS, etc!

    • You learn quickly my friend about illgo, the paid pitchfork.

      The subpoena incident was 12/01, yet our friendly pitchfork has only been posting for 2 1/2 years, yet he seems all knowledgable about it!!!!!!!

    • BTW,

      I listen to nobody regarding trade tips. I ONLY listen to my charts. Jim Cramer and co.. and those ANAL-ysts are generally my contrarian pigs. They are pretty "good" pigs as far as I am concern.

      Good Luck with your trading! GO MXO!

      "Like Clint, I believe in the turnaround story, I just believe that the analysts jumped the gun regarding the timing on their call, perhaps in part to conflicting interests, or perhaps simply due to plain stupidity.

      One of these very firms slapped a "buy" rating on DAL at $3. OK.. so maybe you don't want to trust my advice... but I don't think myself (or trader) can be objectively said to be any less credible or trustworthy than they are."

    • " only took me a few seconds to notice it.. perhaps I just got lucky"

      It could be your luck or I was too impatient to go through those post one-by-one. Or he is using another ID which disk-inv did not mention in his poast.

      The market will go where it wants! Nobody (who posts on yahoo board)can even make a dent. Those big boys may be able to perturb the market just slightly for a very brief time.

      The problem with trader is that he is not only an annoying SOB but he INTENDS to "fool" people. If anybody is fooled by him or not is another issue. But his intention is evil in nature. I still give him the benefit of doubt and ask him to post his 6.14 sell! He can take 5 sec to prove to everyone that he actually made that trade and the case is closed! I hate people bragging with their imaginary trade. When they do that they usually have hidden agenda.

      "He is what he says he is, 'a trader'. If he's just a 'basher' than why was he telling people to BUY mxo a month ago? I didn't take his advice, but I could have made a quick 20% if I had."

      How about he was just acting on what his employer had asked him for. He would have no problem to post 1 screenshot of his trades. Hey when you asked me to provide info about my positions, do I have any problems to provide you with that info in a timely manner? YOu see, an authentic trader has no difficult in backing up his claims!!! Because the trade OCCURRED!!!

      "Lastly Bio, I think you're mistaken if you really think that any posts (pro or con) have any effect on the stock. Anyone posting with the intent to manipulate the behavior of more than one or two 200-share-volume morons is simply deluding themselves."

      The market will always do its own THINGS. We are irrelavant. However, anybody with the INTENTION to manipulate is EVIL and deserves to de shot or run over by a car! That is just how I see it.

      "Most of the people here, are here to exchange ideas and information, not alter reality or attempt to 'fool' people."

      Strongly agree! I was merely tring to do my small part to reclaim this board which was occupied by bashes for people like us.

      Thank you for the replay and I enjoy reading it.

      BTW, It was trader who started to provoke me. He thought I was Whozoom.. He was stubborn enough to let go when I told him to "TAKE IT EASY". Well he should have learned "never mess with Bulls, you'll get horned". LOL

      Good Luck! GO MXO!

    • "The WDC subpoena was not a crock, trader got win of a surprise WDC announcement and was pumping the board with news about it before it was released later that day."

      <<Since it's old news, perhaps you wouldn't mind going into better detail?>>

      Sure here is the announcement:

      "Unfortunately, nothing he's ever done here violates yahoo's TOS, so good luck in your future attempts at getting him thumped."

      Time will tell!

    • LOL, Whoever (trading firm or hedge fund) hired him is wasting their money. This guy is so stupid he can't even bashing effectively. Those little kid tricks he tried to pull on us are laughable and a 5 years old could have seen through. It is entertaining tho!! Haha I still have a hard time to imagine there are actually someone out there who is so stupid.

      GO MXO!

      "Trader comes out of the Chicago suburds and has his posse of friends and supporters thru the years. Not sure whether they are just another one of his phoney IDs, work for the same trading firm, or are a day trading cartel!

      He could also be a professional pitchfork/pumper/basher working with a partner for a scumbag PR firm being paid by a hedgie, trading firm, or market maker. So does like to post a lot and I also say this because many people have complained to Yahoo about him over the years and nothing has been done. In fact, Yahoo has actually censored some of the posters who filed complaints including myself and buymorestox.

      I also know they have ganged up against any posters like myself and buymorestox who have tried to expose trader's track record."

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