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  • copa1999 copa1999 Apr 28, 1999 12:40 AM Flag

    Danjin QQ = LOSER!!

    why don't you keep your unbased,
    gramatically-incorrect, sorry-ass messages to the WDC board. that way you
    can annoy a whole different group of people. don't
    you have anything better to do with your time? sorry
    to hear about your wife running out on you because
    of your severe gambling, but i can't blame her. you
    are a total loser with no life. i can get you numbers
    of some doctors who may be able to get your twisted
    life a little less twisted (making it normal again
    would be a scientific miracle). oh, by the way, please
    post a message here (have the guts to show your lame
    face) on this board when mxtr starts gaining ground and
    surpasses wdc's stock price. the only thing you and wdc
    will be "chomping" and "munching on" and "eating" are
    your words. have a nice life--maybe too late for


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    • Thanks for bring a little sanity to this unbelievable forum. You are absolutely right. Ted Mc

    • I don't think SEG or QNTM will buy

      However, MXTR is a good fit to IBM since IBM has state of
      the art storage technology but lack state of the art
      manufacture efficiency which MXTR can offer.

      all, there will be no buy out. MXTR does not need buy
      out since in has a lot of cash, it is making money,
      it's revenue is increasing, it's market share is

      A lot of people said MXTR lacks product mix.
      However, focucing on destop market may be a good thing.
      The key is to keep the pace in introducing new
      generation of high performance drives.

      We need
      execution, not excuse like WDC.

    • I've been holding tight at an average price of 6 1/2
      This golden-supplier award should tell others what
      we already knew: that Maxtor is a winner!

    • Well there is still someone out there willing to
      unload at any price.

      50,000 @ 5 5/8 while Bid was
      5 11/16
      60,000 @ 5 19/32 while Bid was 5

      The difference today is that on balance many more
      buyers than sellers so large sales not having much

      Price still moving up.

    • It just occurred to me that during the conference
      call last week the mentioned that the float of shares
      were less than expected. By how many I do not know. I
      know that in the second offering the underwriters were
      given a certain number of shares that they had to hold
      for a particular time. If these share were being
      publically traded the earnings number would have been
      different.I wonder if they waited until after the CC to
      Sell.They received these shares for Underwriting the
      offering, so this would explain the selling at any cost.
      They did not have anything to lose. I will check the
      SEC filings regarding the offering to find out more,
      unless anyone has the information handy.

      • 2 Replies to arch41_98
      • The guy bought millions of drive shares in Dec.
        and Jan. only to get disgusted and puke them out over
        the last few weeks. MXTR was his last (about 4
        million yesterday through Troster and Smith Barney and
        Instinet) But he's done. He was the guy that made KMAG go
        to 16 when was hoggin and 3 when he was
        At 5 MXTR has 2.80 in cash per share(offset by .80
        in debt), has been profitable when others in the
        desktop space lose gobs because of low costs, good yields
        and technology lead and is about to ramp GMR and 7200
        RPM drives. The second quarter got whacked because
        Seagate tried to get back into Dell with the U4 and
        Western also made a push with the 4.3. But thats old
        stuff and the market is about to move up. With a $500
        mil market cap, $200 mil in net cash and $3 bil in
        revs the stock sells at 10% of revs (well below all
        historical bands of valuation) and far cheaper than WDC (up
        20% yest.) or QNTM. In fact at this price it sells at
        less than one times gross margin dollars. Way too
        cheap and about to double now the fat boy is out of the