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  • jamalma2001 jamalma2001 Oct 14, 2003 10:21 PM Flag

    15 - 22 cents??? R U...


    Nice try with the 15 cent BS, but the reality of the situation is memantine is already approved and a piece of paper is sitting in somebody's In-box waiting for the final signature!

    Give me ONE instance the FDA has gone against a UNANIMOUS recommendation from the very panel they appointed to do the gawdammed approving???

    15 cents. NTII did that today on no news!

    With a low float of roughly 19 million announcement pop should generate a nice little squeeze that pushes the price near $20 before pullback.

    Where it holds is anybody's guess but with more positive trials news right around the corner, once these $6 levels are munched up, don't expect to see them again anytime soon.

    Keep playing around and you'll be gasping for air on this one buddy.

    You have to remember. We're talking ONLY drug showing real efficacy against moderate to SEVERE alz -- not to mention the A word will probably be tossed around in upcoming slew of positive PR's soon to hit the street.

    Coverage will be HUGE and extremely positive.

    This thing will to be squawked ALL OVER Bloomberg and CNN and hailed as the super savior for the millions of aging baby boomers already losing their freaking minds from sucking down too many dadgummed herbal suppliments.

    IMO, most of the cheap shares have been liberated from weak hands and, up until announcement is made, NTII should see steady overall rice to the $ 10 - 12 range with no significant pullbacks on any REAL volume.


    Cover now, or receive the dreaded margin call in the very near future.

    You decide.

    Jam out

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