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  • therightstuffer therightstuffer Oct 10, 2011 9:35 PM Flag


    This is quite a fund you all have here. Dow up 330 and unchanged? Oh c'mon now. It should have been up at least a penny. Ya' think? Better be glad the treasuries were not traded today. Otherwise,it actually could have gone down. Lol!!

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    • If you really are happy with the performance of this fund and choose to defend it then you are the grand high exalted dufus of all time.

      i can't wait to see homg's next report. How many times will he apologize this time around while taking his salary and bonus and laughing all the way to the bank?

    • You really enjoy playing the role of dufus don't you rightstuffer aka derrillp. Let's get it right. Did you see how much SPHIX went down today? And have you seen where VWEHX is the ninth best performing junk bond fund in 2011 out of over 500? Your call to sell all risk assets last Monday evening is bad even by your low standards as the market has soared. I guess you will never get over your stupidity paying those 1% redemption fees on your eight round trip trades in VWEHX in 2008/09.

    • The market was up 3% yesterday. Sphix was up 18 cents,also yesterday. Your fund only rose .55% today,delayed from monday. Is that performance? Wait until tomorrow. It drops big when there's bad news.

    • WOW!! You delight in always showing your ignorance of the junk bond market. There was no trading in the cash junk bond market today in the U.S. hence the open end funds that trade at NAV were mostly unchanged. A few were up a penny or two because they either hold some equities or some foreign bonds. Fidelity's SPHIX was way up but because they fair value priced their funds today. Of course you have not a clue what that means.

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