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  • fourhourwoody fourhourwoody Mar 25, 2014 6:47 PM Flag

    What happened to "EBITDA Break-even in Q4"???

    Seems to me that these clowns could be in trouble given the statements they made last year. At the very best all credibility of their management is shot. Now I understand why they had to get yet another CFO.

    I certainly would not want to be holding this thing tomorrow. Longs are in for a good swift kick in the nads.

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    • remember KAM follows the Gannish, elephant god, Guess what his b.s. on profitable Q4 will come back ten fold to haunt him, Gannish has a very long memory, So as all unaccounted for CEO's in todays corp world, he let's the CFO take the blame falls on his sword, and like magic another sucker,, i mean CFO joins..., let's face it. They blew an opportunity here with their behavior, But hey, who the hell are we to decide, we are only stockholders..., icahn is totally right, with these types of people running companies. I am long in this, but they better learn quick. I dump my shares here and this one goes to 2.5 in a heartbeat. . and instead of making boat loads i will still come out way ahead. shareholder that now owns 286,400 shares. memebr of rgse Q2 2013. pricks (ceo and cfo)

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    • Agreed 1000%, the CEO on has his word and Kam said numerous times they would get to break even. That was very important so he could keep his credibility with the investors and institutions. They were not even close to break even, that means things are messy and Kam is lost or trying to do too many things at once. Bringing on Mercury, another mess, will only make things more challenging to manage. Also, the no guidance thing will not help, no one likes a black box approach.

    • What ever happened to the rumor scty would buy us because rgse is so valuable? rgse is a REAL SOLAR company with top secret earnings power that the ordinary person knows nothing about......we need to change our name one more time.....yeah......that's the one will realize that rgse makes no profit....

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