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  • mystocks24 mystocks24 Jul 28, 2013 9:13 PM Flag

    yeap. talking about pps dude

    long 50k pps, need your opinion
    please post it

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    • No news today will cause a drop in share price do not take any unnecessary risks this stock isn't worth it.
      Odds are 15% against 85%

      EBITDA at the moment is the only thing that holds this company together, eventually this will no longer be sufficient.

    • 50K at what price, though? I would take the money and run, come tomorrow at the open.

      The action has all been the last two days. You had spikes of volume that drove up the price, then it went down with little volume. Thursday it jumped at the open, and was essentially flat all day.

      Friday, was different. It rose most of the day, on high volume, the the price decreased a lot on low volume. Well, .08 is a lot for this stock.

      I don't think this stock has a positive long term future. I can't think to do ANYTHING but take the recent run up, and RUN AWAY.

      I wish you well, but this is a stock with a risk/reward profile well out of whack on the RISK side.