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  • irbbping irbbping Feb 20, 2008 4:46 PM Flag

    question on latest release

    What is the difference between a franchise and a lease signing, it looks like (implied from release ???) the signing is the second step after the initial franchise agreement ? Are these new franchises or have they been mentioned before in the numbers and are people who have commited in a certain state and now are doing additional states or different states. The wording of this release was different and I am not sure what it means. It does give dates for openings. I do not see where the cash is coming from for this rapid of an expansion ? It would seem to me that something in the way of cash generation has to happen here before any expansion can happen.

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    • It is mean to confuse you, which it is doing. They are simply existing franchisees signing new lease deals. Nothing worthy of a PR, but this company is a PR machine. There is a reason why they want to release PR's and hire 8 investor relation firms. Hype!

      But, no, the sales are not there to support a $60M market cap. Notice how the lastest 10-q has still not been released. It will be wrapped in the 10-k just as I predictted and delayed to the very last minute possible.

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      • Stenois...You are such an ass hole. You could put a bad spin on Santa Claus...To the previous poster...A lot of the people who sing with SPKL doesn't have a place picked to do business, and Pickle sends in people to help them find what they consider "prime" locations and secure a lease...True, this is not an earth shattering announcement. I think it is more a "connection" with their stock holders to let them know they are moving ahead on "plan A", and I appreciate that...Of course it also gives Stenois an opening to go into his "basher frenzy".......jack