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  • greenbay_77034 greenbay_77034 Apr 4, 2008 12:28 PM Flag

    The Tech Analysis "Bottom"

    Lewis's new bottom of .81 collapsed. He predicted that as his final words. Ofcourse that was after the $1.10 bottom and the .90 bottom.

    I think the lowest bottom now is Larry Isen's new bottom of .71. I'm sure than when it breaks .71, Larry can come up with a new bottom with tech anlysis.

    See how useless tech analysis? Useless!

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    • Gulp! And now it broke through Larry Isen's new "bottom" in just one week, folks! Stay tuned for another "bottom" as predicted by the quackery of "tech analysis." Wow, sounds technical, doesn't it?

    • This stock is starting to show its true value, when it hits the teens it'll be there and then I'm a buyer.

    • It seems to me that tech analysis is useful in that it provides another indicator of where the stock is headed either up or down. What these guys are doing is not tech analysis it is hype and BS. Comment on the big market- I cannot believe how strong it is considering the news and pounding, at this point I am leaning toward those who suggest that the dip bottom if not close is going to be shallow from here BUT BUT BUT since the fed has basically opened the flood gates on money generation we are going to have inflation like crazy here shortly. It would be ironic if that bailed this outfit out.